Denzel Washington pauses to inspire Heath during the Hawks series “Keep Raising the Standard” – Reading Eagle

It turns out the Miami Heat’s crushing win over the Atlanta Hawks on Sunday night may not have been the highlight of their trip to Atlanta over the weekend.

Instead, it could have been a sharp and powerful moment with two-time Oscar winner Denzel Washington at the Team Hotel on the eve of this Sunday’s defeat.

There, gathered in a semicircle around the 67-year-old actor, director and producer, The Heat were thrilled when Washington offered impromptu words of inspiration.

“Continue to raise the standards of how you behave, like all of you,” he told his enthusiastic audience of players and staff. “Keep teaching, keep managing, keep following. You know, learn from the best. That’s what I did. Try and pass.

“The last thing I’ll say I’ve said many times is you’ll never see U-Haul behind the hearse. Once again, you will never be transported behind the hearse. The Egyptians tried. Everything they got was robbed. “

With a few “amen” sentences to this comment. Washington continued.

“Even the money aside, do not take them with you,” he told them. “But you can, you can leave it with us – influence, your strength, your wisdom, your ability to touch people.

“Because everyone is watching you. Everyone had a favorite guy. “

The native of Mount Vernon, New York, then shared a moment about his passion for sports.

“The other day I was talking to the Dodgers. I even went in a Yankee hat. I don’t care, ”he said. “Elston Howard was a black player in the 60s and I wanted to be one. I tried to walk like him, you know. You know, and more. You know what you all did. I tried to walk like him and all that. I ended up playing catcher.

“So you know they’re watching you, and they’re watching you. And especially young guys, listen to the older ones and lead quietly. “

He paused, then added, “And win.”

And then, when he shook hands with those gathered and asked where they stood in the series against Atlanta, he referred to the unique view of All-Star Guardian Hawks Tre Young.

“And tell this boy to get a haircut,” he said with a smile amid laughter. “What hairstyle does he work with?”

The concussion gets the vote

Max Strus was the only Heat player to receive a media vote in a vote for the NBA’s best player. By the end of the season, Strus had become a starting point after spending the previous season with Heath under a bilateral contract.

Memphis Grizzlies guard Ja Marant was the fugitive winner, San Antonio Spurs guard Dejunte Murray was second and Cleveland Cavaliers guard Darius Garland was third.

Strus ’only vote was third place on one ballot, which put him in 12th place in the process.

The only winners of The Heat are Ronnie Saicali in 1990 and Isaac Austin in 1997.

Team of the Year

The Heat were named NBA’s “Sales and Marketing Team” of the Year, an award determined by the Team and League Leaders Committee.

The award recognizes that “it has demonstrated excellence in business both in key revenue factors and in operational areas such as people and culture, as well as impact on society.” The award covers the results of work over the past 24 months.

“No one could have predicted how the global pandemic would change our industry, our business and our world,” Heat President Eric Woolworth said in a statement. “I am very pleased that our collective efforts have been recognized.”

In addition, Heat vice presidents Michael McCullough and Steve Stowe have co-won the “Game Values” award, which recognizes a person or persons who inspire “through the power of basketball”.


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