More than three months since his last game, Derrick Rose’s return again, again, is probably suspended forever.

Tom Thibado seemed to have acknowledged the unlikelyness of Rose’s return for the first time on Monday, while keeping the door ajar.

“He’s long gone,” said Thibado.

Rose underwent ankle surgery on Dec. 22 to fix a bone spur, a procedure that was supposed to rule him out in less than two months. He returned to practice after a break at the All-Star Game, but after an infection in the area of ​​surgery required a second procedure.

With only eight games left after Monday’s game against the Bulls and Knicks that are almost out of the playoffs, it makes no sense to build up Rose to return. He has not yet received permission to contact, but is traveling with the team and, according to Tibado, has “increased his training”.

“But he hasn’t been in touch yet,” Thibado said. “And that’s a great thing.”

Rose’s absence has been cited as the reason the team fell this season, leaving the Knicks without a natural quarterback because Kemba Walker was allowed to leave after a break at the All-Star Game.

The Knicks were just under three,500 in three games when Rose was first taken off the field, and he was their most trusted player, averaging 12 points at 44.5% shooting. But his absence also allowed Immanuel Quickley to thrive at the end of the season.

In the last 15 games until Monday, Quickley averaged 15.7 points when lit up due to an arc (43.1%).

This is a significant difference from the previous season when Quickley shot only 30% on a 3-point break at the All-Stars.

Quickley, however, repulsed that he was struggling.

“Again, this is a different opinion. You could say that for me it started low. I know that my shot did not fall as hard as I used to, but I feel that I played well, ”he said. “I was doing readings. I played defense. But for myself I try not to be depressed. “

When Rose came out, Quickley was called up for additional player duties. It hasn’t brought many assists, and he’s probably still better suited as two guards, but he’s keen to finish his campaign in sophomore year.

Rose and Quickley sign a contract next season, but the Knicks will be looking for a starting player in the summer after the Walker blast. They focus on Jalen Branson of the Mavericks in a free agency.

Next season, Rose will turn 34, and it looks like he will have plenty of rest between games.


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