WILKES-BARRE – Based on three encounters with Jayshawn Johnson, the Wilkes-Barre Police Department. James Conmee testified that he identified him on surveillance video as the gunman who shot two men and critically wounded a third near Beau’s, Maine on January 30, 2021.

Conmee testified Wednesday during a Johnson-Luzerne County jury trial before Judge David W. Lupas in the deaths of Damian Thomas, 32, and Maurice Chapman, 31. Quan Cade Jr. survived a gunshot wound to the head but lost the sight in his right eye.

Johnson’s attorney, David W. Lampman II, told jurors that Conmee misidentified her client from surveillance footage.

As District Attorney Sam Sangedolce played multiple surveillance videos inside and outside Boe on Maine, Conmee said he recognized the gunman.

“I think it’s Jayshawn Johnson, he looks like Jayshawn Johnson to me,” Conmee told jurors.

Explaining how he knew Johnson, Conmee said he had three previous encounters with him dating back to 2018 and had followed Johnson’s social media accounts in an unrelated case during the fatal shooting in Beau, Maine. Conmee said he was aware Johnson used the name “Times Two” on his social media accounts.

Before Conmee testified, Sangedolse called Johnson’s friend, Tamara Dixon, as a hostile witness.

Dixon and Johnson reportedly arrived in Beau, Maine, where surveillance cameras captured them exchanging black coats with white stripes with the word “White” on the back.

The coat was seized during a search of Dixon’s Sherman Hills apartment, and Johnson was wearing it to cover a backpack that was taken from Beau, Maine, before the shooting.

Prosecutors suspect that the backpack contained a 9mm handgun.

David Kittle, who processed the scene as a member of the forensics unit, said Tuesday that he found seven 9mm shell casings and two 9mm shell casings near the nightclub.

Testimony will continue this afternoon.


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