DiCaprio and Ruffalo call on Brazilians to vote, Irking Bolsonar – NBC10 Philadelphia

Hollywood stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Marc Ruffalo have joined other celebrities who have given a final push to Brazilian voters to register before the deadline on Wednesday, prompting insulting responses from President Jair Balsanar.

In recent days, presidential elections in Brazil and abroad have used their prestige and social media to urge young Brazilian voters who are voting for the first time to register for the October presidential election, which is expected to face far-right President Balsanaro. former president of the left-wing Labor Party Luis Inacio Lula da Silva.

In Brazil, voting is compulsory for everyone between the ages of 18 and 70, and failure to vote entails the payment of a small fine. Those 16 and 17 years old can vote, but are not required to, and young people have been at the center of nationwide voting campaigns.

Brazil’s electoral authorities said they had received a record number of requests for registration. In the 2018 presidential election, nearly 116 million voters – out of 147 million registered to vote – turned out to be at the polls.

DiCaprio, an environmental activist, had previously quarreled with Bolsonar over the Brazilian leader’s efforts to expand the Amazon’s rainforest.

With the approach of the deadline DiCaprio sent three messages only on Wednesday through his official Twitter account – everything is written in Portuguese – to encourage registration.

“Sixteen- and 17-year-olds can help build Brazil’s future,” he wrote in one of them, referring to a website with step-by-step instructions on how to register. “To exercise these powers, you need to register to vote today before 11:59 p.m.”

Ruffalo also used social media, posting to his 8 million subscribers a selection of short comic videos made by Brazilian teenagers explaining how to register.

“Let’s launch this campaign! Democracy and the planet are winning, ”Ruffalo wrote on May 1, using the popular hashtag #TiraOTituloHoje, which translates as #RegisterToVoteToday.

Legendary Brazilian actress Fernando Montenegro and singer Anita also encouraged young people to vote at home. The latter told nearly 17 million fans on Twitter that she had long debated the issue with DiCaprio at this week’s Met Gala in New York, and that the actor knows more about the environment than Bolsonar.

“I’m glad you talked to Hollywood actor Anita, it’s a dream of every teenager,” Bolsonara said on Twitter on Tuesday. “I talk to thousands of Brazilians every day. They are not known, but they are a compass for our decisions, because no one defends or knows more about Brazil than its own people. “

Bolsanara also coached fire on DiCaprio, an opponent he has in the past accused without presenting evidence funding nonprofit groups that he claimed were partly to blame for the fires in the Amazon.

“DiCaprio should know that the president himself (the World Trade Organization) said that without Brazilian agribusiness the world would be hungry,” Bolsonara told a group of supporters near the presidential residence in Brasilia, adding that the actor must “keep his mouth shut.” instead of talking nonsense ”.

This year’s youth turnout campaigns were a response to the decline in participation in the recent elections in Brazil, said Bettina Sarah, coordinator of the Quid project, a digital media agency focused on democracy and social issues.

Even if voting is compulsory for the majority of Brazil’s population, the fine is so small – about 70 cents – that more and more people don’t bother to vote for themselves.

The jump comes after federal payments to fight coronavirus ended in late 2020, and the country has seen a record number of daily deaths from COVID-19.


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