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SUNBERY – The following defendants were convicted in Northumberland County Court:

• 23-year-old Joel Kinoman of Shamokin was sentenced to three to six years in prison with a 51-day sentence for possession of a firearm when he was convicted of a felony. Earlier, police reported that Kinnamon owned a Jimenez Arms 9mm semi-automatic pistol about 723 E. Packer St. at 18:00 on 6 August.

Kinnaman was again sent to Northumberland County Jail to serve the remainder of the maximum sentence of 2 January 2023 for a criminal offense. He also received a simultaneous sentence of imprisonment (six days) up to one year in prison for unauthorized use of a vehicle and possession of drugs.

• Richard Eckbold Sr., 59, of Mount Carmel, six months to two years in prison with 91 days served for resisting arrest. The verdict provides for a consecutive sentence of one year probation for drug possession.

• Anthony Ratola, 23, of Katowice, 2 to 4 years in prison, with a 419-day offset and a $ 100 fine plus the cost of storing an unlicensed firearm.

• Tyrone Amon, 23, of Milmont, five months to a year in prison, with an 80-day credit for time, a year of probation, no contact with minors and registration under the Megan Juvenile Corruption Act.

• Cody Long, 27, of Riverside, three months to a year in prison with a 39-day credit for mischief. Long received a simultaneous sentence of nine to 23 months in prison with credited time for attempting to escape from the officer.

• Amanda Palini, 34, of Shamokin Dam, a suspended sentence of six months with house arrest and electronic control for 30 days, suspension of license for one year and a fine of $ 300 plus DUI costs. Pauline received a consecutive nine-month suspended sentence, revocation of his license and a $ 250 fine plus damages costs.

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