Dr. Strange: Sam Raimi wanted to “capture fans” with cameos in the wild | Movies

Sam Raimi wanted to “capture fans” with cameo appearances in the film “Dr. Strange in a Multi-World of Madness”.

The director of “Angry Dead” is leading the new Marvel blockbuster, which is a sequel to “Doctor Strange” in 2016, and he admitted that he had a clear idea for surprises in the film, but he looked not only to amuse himself.

Asked if he had made any decisions to amuse himself, he laughed, “No, not really.

“All this was done to encourage the fans and surprise them, to make them gasp, to give them not exactly what they expected, but what they would like.”

His goal of giving fans something to enjoy was consistent with the studio, and he explained how Marvel’s involvement was largely focused on protecting “the integrity of their characters”.

He added: “So the notes really come from a great place. It’s not about making more money for the studio.

“It’s about,‘ No, that’s what Dr Strange would say. No, that’s what happened in the last Avengers movie, and that contradicts that. We have to be on one page. “

“Their notes come from a really great fan.”

Meanwhile, Raimi remained silent about any deleted scenes, although he confirmed that there are “at least two or three” that should be included, and noted that his original version of the film lasted much longer than two hours and five minutes.

He said, “Well, the first cut was, I don’t really remember its length.

“It was probably two hours and 40 minutes, and everything was slowly sinking, even though we were filming.

“We got the material, despite the fact that the filming went. So, everything was gradually reduced to about two hours and five minutes. “


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