Dylan Sees has the worst start to the season in the Chicago White Sox defeat of 16-3 from the Boston Red Sox – Reading Eagles

Enrique Hernandez scored Dylan Siza’s first pass through the left field wall.

It was the start of a tough Tuesday for the Seas and Chicago White Sox.

Seas had the toughest outlet of the season: a loss to the Boston Red Sox with a score of 16-3 before 21,835 at Guaranteed Rate Field.

The right-hander allowed seven runs of the season with eight strokes in three innings with a low season. He had four strikeouts and two moves.

“It will take us a while to figure it out,” Siz said. “They put a good swing on it.”

The White Sox allowed a season of highs in runs and hits (19). The Red Sox also recorded a season high in both categories, continuing their winning streak to six.

“You’re taking 30 starts and you’re going to have a place where your location is bad,” Sox manager Tony La Rousse said, “and he just wasn’t sharp and they were ready to hit and made him pay.

“The field they put into the game, they had a lot of impact zone. So he just wasn’t that sharp and we got him out before he threw too much. He will return in five days against the Cubs. “

Stop leading in the majors by making 67 strikes. Eight of them took place on May 7 at Fenway Park, where he allowed one run out of four hits in five innings in the game The White Sox won 3-1 in 10 innings.

He was away from being able to escape the first with just one run. But Trevor Story, who was named American League Player of the Week on Monday, joined Homer’s three runs and made it 4-0.

The Red Sox scored at least one goal in each of the first five innings. They scored two in the second and one in the third against Siz, who came out after 71 innings.

“They definitely had comfortable swings,” Siz said.

The Red Sox also succeeded against rebels Jose Ruiz (three runs for two-thirds of the half), Bennett Sousa (five runs for two-thirds of the half) and Matt Foster (one run for two-thirds of the half).

The White Sox passed four home runs. All nine starting Red Soxes had at least one hit and seven had more than one. Eight newcomers had at least one RBI.

“(Homer Hernandez) was good because (Cease) is really, really good,” Red Sox manager Alex Cora said. “He spoke out against us in Boston. It was very nice from top to bottom. “

Vince Velázquez secured the first zero – and 1-2-3 – ining of the night for the White Sox in the sixth. It was the first time the right-hander has worked with the bullpen this season after seven starts. He passed one and identified five in three innings with no hits.

“Vince was great and we got (without points) the ninth inning for (Aaron) Bummer, so it wasn’t a complete loss today,” La Rousse said. “Vince threw the ball really well. He wants to start, but apparently he can act in that role if we have to. ”

Red Sox starter Nick Pivet allowed three runs on five strokes with five strikeouts and two strokes in six innings. He stepped out of the top nine before doubleing Tim Anderson in the fourth. Anderson had two strokes and one RBI, and Jose Abreu scored Homer with two runs.

Homer and Anderson’s only single in the fifth inning were the Sox’s only hits involving runners in the main position (2 on 10).

“(Piveta) brought us out,” La Rousseau said. “Give him credit.”

The list has already focused on the steps needed to improve its next launch.

“I’ll be upset tonight,” he said, “and then I’ll come back and be ready tomorrow, ready to work on it.”


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