A person encounters cold weather while walking around the Manhattan area of ​​New York City, New York, USA, January 11, 2022.

Carl Allegri Reuters

In the spring of Easter in some parts of New York and Pennsylvania has fallen at least a foot of snow, which led to power outages and the closure of businesses and schools.

More than 240,000 customers were without electricity in the northeast on Tuesday morning. There were more than 160,000 outages in New York and more than 50,000 in Pennsylvania, according to PowerOutage.us.

Pisek in upstate New York had the most snowfall by Tuesday morning, with 14 inches falling to the ground. Broome County in the south gained just nearly a foot and imposed a travel ban.

Wet snow was falling at 1 to 2 inches per hour in upstate New York.

In Syracuse, many schools and businesses were closed due to heavy snowfall and work outages.

Weather forecasters note that during the day the snow may decrease, but not earlier than another 3-6 inches. The largest sums will be in the Adirondack Mountains.

Strong winds will persist all night after the snow stops.

There will be wind gusts of up to 43 miles per hour in Nantucket, Massachusetts, and 39 miles per hour in New York’s Long Island, New York.

According to the National Weather Service, “abnormally cold air mass” in the east of the country will persist until mid-week.

“Today in the Midwest, the Great Lakes and the Northeast are projected several daily record highs and lows,” – said the meteorological service.

On Tuesday morning, about 40 million people were alerted to frosts and frosts from the central plains to the mid-Atlantic.

Temperatures between 15 and 25 degrees are below average, with a maximum on Tuesday and Wednesday more reminiscent of March than April.

The region will be able to thaw within a week if warming is expected.


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