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Lower Marion – As part of National Volunteer Week (April 17-23), ElderNet of Lower Marion and Narbert yesterday honored five volunteers for their outstanding efforts to support older people and people with disabilities in their community.

The winners were awarded the first annual Volunteer of the Year award, Maud Campbell Tearney, which was created in memory of Maud Campbell Tearney. Tearney, who passed away in late 2021, was an active member of the community, supporting various nonprofits, schools and animal shelters. Tearney also really enjoyed working with ElderNet, leading senior members of the community to see a doctor and building friendships with those she encountered.

“One of Maude’s New Year’s resolutions in 2014 was to volunteer at ElderNet, and she was personally rewarded for helping someone in need, as well as taking care of coordinating doctors’ receptions, shopping and eating from their family and friends.” said Brian. Tearney, Maud’s husband and CEO of Brian Communications. My family and I are incredibly proud to have created the Campbell Tirney Maud Foundation and the Volunteer of the Year Award in our honor, and we honor the men and women who, like Maud, donate their time and resources to give and help. others. ”

This year’s ElderNet Volunteer of the Year winners:

Andy Ur, Escort Management Award
Robbie Shell, Society Award
Claire Shop, Shopping Award
Judy Lidi, Comoros Award
Lynn Saligman, Award for Outstanding Effort

“We are deeply grateful for all the efforts of our volunteers, as well as for the incredible support of the Tierney family, and we are especially grateful and congratulations to Andy, Robbie, Claire, Judy and Lynn for their outstanding work,” said Brendan Trombeta, CEO. ElderNet.

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