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Senior Camden Elma has many accomplishments as part of the New Oxford Lacrosse Team.

He has twice participated in YAIAA stars. He helped bring the Colonials to fourth place in last year’s District 3A Class 3A tournament – their highest of all time – and on Tuesday Elma scored another square.

The star striker scored four goals and added four assists to lead the fifth-seeded New Oxford to his first-ever playoff victory, a 14-4 shot in front of home fans over the 12th-seeded Wyoming.

“It’s very important for our program,” Elma said after the game. “It shows that we are on the way and people need to be ready for us.”

On a windy day when ball flight was hard to judge, the Colonials (13-5) struggled to get started, often choosing good positions before giving a misfire or making an important pass.

On the other hand, goalkeeper Jaden Giacone made three big saves early in the first quarter to save the game without points.

“Jaden has become very big tonight,” New Oxford coach Jamie Carver said of the early rescue.

In the end, the Colonials brought order to the offense, and Jarrett Bitzer found a sharp Ryan Carver, who made no mistake, making the score 1-0 in favor of the hosts with 3:47 remaining in the first quarter.

From that moment on, the gateways seemed to open. Carver found Ryan Dabs 1:57 in the first to make the score 2-0, then Dabs took the ball in traffic less than a minute later and shot home, making it 3-0. Elma helped hold back the pressure by giving a pass to Cam Herring, who scored the ball for 0.1 seconds left in the quarter, and put New Oxford ahead 4-0 after the first frame.

“I knew we were throwing the ball away a bit. We just needed to calm down and settle down and we would find an open guy. And we found a bunch of it, ”Elma said of the sudden onslaught.

The Spartans (9-8) repulsed the blow early in the second quarter. Chase Megggs fired a low shot past Jacone to get the visitors on the board with 10:07 left until halftime. Then, after a penalty Elma left the Colonials, the Megs set out to reduce the lead to 4-2 with 7:09 left.

But Elma did not dwell on her mistake. Instead, he launched an offensive barrage of hosts. At first it was a solo goal just eight seconds after Megs scored the second goal, which increased the lead to 5-2. He then played to the provider just 13 seconds later, finding Carver, whose shot found the net and made the score 6-2. Then, unhappy, Elma scored another, causing the Oaks to score three goals in 41 seconds and increased the lead to 7-2 in the middle of the second quarter.

“I was kind of disappointed, but I knew it was my time to shine, and when I got back on the field and we did it,” Elma said, redeeming his mistake.

Logan Hyde’s solo attempt, with less than 10 seconds left before the half, led to a 7-3 score to give the Spartans a little life in the toms.

After the break, George Schwambach beat Giacone, and Wyoming was 7-4 at 7:58 in the third quarter, but Elma got the answer again, scoring just 53 seconds to regain the lead to four. He then found Caden Glatfelter at the front of the next to make the score 9-4 with 54 seconds left in the third before Carver gave the pass to Herring, who did the rest, giving New Oxford a comfortable 10-4 lead after three.

The fourth quarter was one-sided when Herring got a fourth, Glatfelter added a second, Carver scored a third, and Zach Glatfelter joined in the fun to lead the Colonial to victory.

“It’s a big step forward,” said Jamie Carver of the victory. “Last year we made constituencies and said goodbye in the first round, so I believe that last year we won the first round. But for our program, this is a big step forward, and our guys need to take us to the next step. ”

New Oxford will now head to Kakalika at 19:00 on Thursday for the second round. In the regular season, the Eagles won 12-5 and took second place in the 2nd section of the Lancaster-Lebanon league.

“We can’t give up on those early mistakes in the first quarter and have to dig out of the hole,” Jamie Carver said of what his team needs to do to stay alive. “So if we can clear them and keep the ball in attack, we will be ready on Thursday. But Cocalico is a great team. “

New Oxford 4 3 3 4 – 14

Goals: U-Mags 2, Hyde, Schwambach; NE-Camden Elma 4, Ryan Carver 3, Ryan Dabs 2, Kaden Glatfelter 2, Cam Herring 2, Zach Glatfelter. Assistants: U-Mags, Hoffman; NO-Elmo 4, Carver 3, Dubs, Herring, Jarret Bitzer. Shots: F-26; NO-33. Stores: W-Piacine 13; NO-Jaden Giaccone 10.

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