Elon Musk joined the Twitter board after amassing a large stake

Musk, wasting no time, discussed one of the biggest complaints of Twitter users about the platform late Tuesday, asking on Twitter if he should add edit button.

“Now it’s time to get popcorn and watch the developments in the coming months with Mask on the board,” wrote Daniel Ives, who follows Twitter for Wedbush Securities.

The Twitter board will have 12 members along with Mask. Jack Dorsey has stepped down as Twitter’s CEO in the past, and his term on the board ends at the upcoming May 25th shareholders ’meeting. The terms of three other board members will expire, but they have been nominated to retain their seats.

Dorsey tweeted On Tuesday, Musk and Agraval “lead the heart and they will be an incredible team.”

“I’m so glad Elon joined the Twitter board! He cares a lot about our world and the role of Twitter in it, ”Dorsey said.

Accumulating 73.5 million shares of Twitter for a total of about $ 3 billion, Musk did not speak specifically about any changes to Twitter’s rules that he could promote.

In March, Musk told his 80 million Twitter followers that he “ think seriously ”To create their own social networking platform.

Musk is locked in Fr. fierce controversy with the SEC for its ability to post on Twitter. His lawyer in the lawsuits claimed that the SEC violates the rights of Tesla’s CEO First Amendment Rights.

Shares of Twitter rose about 5% on Tuesday.

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