New Delhi, October 29: Elon Musk, who rejected the idea of ​​Tesla returning to the PR department because he doesn’t believe in “manipulating public opinion,” may also think the same about Twitter, since he himself tweets what he wants his company to convey to the media and its customers.

Tesla stopped responding to press inquiries in 2020, and Musk later fired the entire press department. Last year, Musk clarified that he “finds it more useful to read/follow individual journalists rather than publications.” Tesla rival General Motors is temporarily suspending advertising on Twitter following Elon Musk’s takeover.

“Any publication will have a wide range of views, although the vast majority of stories on any topic are negative, perhaps reflecting innate human biases. Citizen Journalism FTW!” said the Tesla CEO.

“Other companies spend money on advertising and manipulating public opinion, Tesla focuses on the product. I trust people,” Musk stressed. None of Musk’s companies have public relations or press relations departments, and none spend money on advertising. His personal Twitter is PR for all companies. Elon Musk is sending a message to Twitter advertisers, explaining how he wants ads to be for users.

Despite the fact that James Gleason has served as director of communications at SpaceX for more than four years, the company still does not have a full-fledged PR department. Gleason previously served as communications director for Dr. Jill Biden in the White House Office of the Vice President.

It was Sean Garrett, Twitter’s first communications and marketing leader, who built the communications team and helped the company develop a marketing, public relations and government relations strategy.

Musk believes that journalists often report false information about Tesla. He is the PR department of Tesla and SpaceX as well. Will the same thing happen now with Twitter, which has an extensive PR presence around the world?

Since Twitter has been closed since November 8 and Musk has been given tight control over it, it is possible that all product-related information and other company announcements will soon come from his Twitter account, as is the case with Tesla or SpaceX.

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