Emma Thompson said she didn’t have the “right body” for sex scenes Movies

Emma Thompson was told she didn’t have the “right body” for sex scenes.

The 63-year-old actress said she was rarely asked to shoot naughty scenes in movies because male executives didn’t think she suited them.

In an interview with The Times, she said: “I’ve never been offered sex scenes. As my mother said, I mostly played a series of ‘good’ women. I do brainwashing. And I also never matched the look or appearance of anyone they might want to see naked.

“And by‘ they ’I mean male leaders. I’m too companyy, not pretty enough, not that body.

And Emma said that constant bodybuilding has upset her for years.

She explained: “In one of the interviews I gave, a male journalist wrote that I had gained a lot of weight since appearing in“ Luck of War ”and that my legs were“ now like tree trunks ”and that I “D” let herself down. ” I was 31 years old and, frankly, I was no longer starving. I don’t think anyone knows how skinny most actresses are in real life. They look completely … unreal. “

Emma starred in the new film “Good Luck, Leo Grande”, in which she first appears naked on screen.

Speaking earlier about rehearsals, she revealed that she, her co-star Daryl McCormack and director Sophie Hyde undressed to work on the naughty scenes.

She told Entertainment Weekly: “Sophie, Daryl and I rehearsed completely naked. And they talked about our bodies, talked about our relationship with our bodies, drew them, discussed what is difficult for us, what we like about them, described only other people’s bodies.


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