Empower Iceland brings 2.2 million euros to help correct bias in the workplace

Specialist in Diversity, Equality and Inclusion from Reykjavik Expand opportunities raised 2.2 million euros in the primary funding round. It is planned that the capital will be used to help startups further scale their DE&I methodologies, including strengthening benchmarking, training and analytical services offered through the SaaS Empower NOW offering.

Founded in 2020 by serial entrepreneurs D. Thomsen and Tory Wilhelmsdottir ProppeEmpower lists both public and private organizations from among its clients, including the Icelandic Parliament, police organizations, universities and international businesses.

At its core, Empower helps these clients identify, eliminate and correct workplace bias and toxic cultural traits. The goal is to not only improve the working lives of all employees, but also help the employer attract and retain a diverse set of talent.

“As we have seen with Iceland’s top ranking on gender equality, LBGTQIA +, peace and happiness, the path to equality begins with recognizing bias in the workplace, systems and society, and a willingness to change those jobs, systems and society.” commented Wilhelmsdottir Proppe. “Empower solves the same problems in public and private organizations by creating solutions that close the significant market gap in the HR software sector, providing an integrated solution focused on DE&I.”

He led the starting round of Empower 2.2 million euros Frumtak Ventures and saw Tenin’s involvement.

“We are proud of the positive social impact of this enterprise. It is imperative that organizations identify and address issues of equality that limit their success and the career success of their employees, both for human health and for the organization, as well as compliance with regulatory requirements, ”Frumtak added. Swana Gunarsdotir. “Empower’s founders have a deep understanding of the needs of HR and DE&I managers, as well as the staff they recruit into these organizations, and use this extensive experience to inform dashboards and toolkits that deliver their solutions, helping promote more equitable and inclusive organizations across the world. ».

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