Erie County School, the union issued a joint statement

The following is a joint statement from the heads of the Erie School District and the Erie Education Association on security and safety issues addressed after the tragic shooting at Erie High School on April 5, 2022:

“The shooting, which took place on Tuesday, April 5, 2022, at Erie High School, was a shocking event that left everyone in the Erie City School District deeply saddened and concerned about how best to protect our students and school staff.

Both sides have taken immediate action to identify and address safety and security issues, and to provide counseling support to help our students, staff, and community begin to recover from this injury. The county is committed to keeping students and staff away, while the Association and the county are working together to successfully implement the necessary improvements that will allow staff and students to return to a safe and secure environment for personal learning.

The Association recognizes and commends the district for its responsiveness and working with us to create a concrete and measurable plan to address the concerns of many stakeholders in our district community in all schools – primary, secondary and senior.

Both the county and the association hope that together our collaboration will lead to a safer and more effective learning environment for all students and staff. ”

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