Erin Jane Plummer “suddenly” dies at the age of 42 | Entertaining news

Erin Jane Plummer “suddenly” died at the age of 42.

The presenter, best known for her promotional work on Studio 10 and TVSN, died last weekend, co-hosts Sarah Harris and Angela Bishop said on Monday (May 23rd).

Sarah said on the air of “Studio 10”: “This morning we have very sad news.

“Over the weekend Studio 10 lost a bit of its luster when our friend and presenter presenter Erin Jane died suddenly.

“For two decades Erin Jane has been a friendly and familiar face on Australian television, and in many ways she has illuminated our mornings with her bright face and megawatt smile.”

They then shared a montage of some of Erin Jane’s best moments on the TV show for breakfast before Sarah continued her tribute.

She said: “Erin was just a wonderful person inside and out, and if it weren’t for television, maybe Erin would have made a sports career.

“She has represented Australia in synchronized swimming and even surfing, saving lives, and there is no doubt that Erin Jane has achieved and is definitely a gold medalist for three of her young girls.

“We’ll miss your sunshine in the studio, Erin Jane, and we’re all sending a lot of love and strength to her family here. You will be very sad. “

The former host of “Aerobics Oz Style”, who won 11 national titles in synchronized swimming and represented her country at three world championships, is survived by her husband and three children.

The cause of death has not yet been announced.


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