Evanescence guitarist Jen Majura is no longer in the band Music

Evanescence has announced the retirement of longtime guitarist Jen Majuro.

The rock band with Amy Lee has decided to part with the 38-year-old German musician, who has been working for My Immortal since 2015, declaring it the end of a “very special chapter” in the band’s history.

In a statement on social media, they wrote: “It was a special section in the group with our dear friend Jen Majura, but we decided it was time to break up.

“We will always love and support her, and can’t wait to see what she does next! We are very grateful for the good moments and the wonderful music we created together around the world. “

Jen argued that it was not her decision to leave Evanescence, but insisted that there was “no resentment” or animosity between her and the rest of the band.

She tweeted, “I feel the need to say that none of this was my decision!

“I have no grudges against anyone and I wish Evanescence all the best. I am allowed to carry beautiful memories of these past years, I am grateful. “

Jen replaced Terry Balsam as guitarist, replacing original member Ben Moody, who left back in 2003.

Meanwhile, after several delays due to COVID-19, a joint tour of rockers ‘Wasted On You’ from Within Temptation ‘Worlds Collide’, which was originally scheduled for 2020, will finally take place in November.


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