Even in a 6-1 defeat by Reyes, Adly Rutschman’s debut “The Orioles” brings a different feeling to Camden Yards – Reading Eagles

With the crowd waiting for the day for nearly three years on their feet, Adly Rutschman shook hands with home table referee Andy Fletcher, smiling and sharing favors, and then stood behind a home plate at Camden Yards on land he would patrol the Orioles for years to come.

Before he first squatted in the major leagues, Rutschman inspected the 30-year-old. He turned and nodded slightly. Then, as he has since started fishing as a child, he put on a mask, bent his knees and opened his mitten.

Debuting in the major leagues requires a complex balance. Players are instructed to treat this game like any other game they have played since childhood, and to enjoy it, which is what Rutschman tried to do while looking around the field. His actions from there – squats, fishing, swinging, throwing – in themselves were no different from the usual. But nothing else defeated Baltimore 6-1 from the Tampa Bay Rays in the first major league game for their top prospects it was ok.

The announced crowd of 17,573 people, which usually sounded much bigger than her mediocre count, stood and applauded at every opportunity to honor Rutschman, number 1 in the 2019 overall draft.

When he first went on the field to warm up starting pitcher Kyle Bradysh, another product of the organization’s restructuring and one of the top 10 prospects.

When he ran out onto the field and inspected the site.

When he approached his first battle, with the phones holding up at every turn, including the third blow.

When he came out on his second plate, the palpable excitement around him almost suggested he could do it on the water.

When he demonstrated that he could also run, performing alternating chants of “Ad-ley! Hell! ” and “Ed-Lee Rutch-Man!” scoring the ball in the right corner of the field to triple his first shot, comparing with former major prospects Matt Withers and Manny Machado in their debuts “The Orioles”.

When he encouraged more singing, of all the action, catching the usual pop-up before hitting him in his last battle.

As manager Brendan Hyde said before the game, Saturday’s bats were just a few to start a career that will hopefully feature thousands. The fact that they lost will also not be unique.

A pair of Randy Arozarena home runs from Bradysh and another from Kevin Kirmaer from Mike Bowman ruined a night in which Rutschman not only made his debut but also caught two of Baltimore’s four best prospects. The solo kick was the only start that Bowman allowed to complete the game after replacing Brady in the sixth.

Rutschman’s triple became one of Baltimore’s six hits. Trey Mancini recorded two, including a single with a final result in eighth place.

Saturday showed that Rutschman alone would not break the course of the Orioles, but his presence brought new energy to Camden Yards, a place where many fun evenings took place during the reconstruction of Baltimore.

Saturday was different. This was evidenced by a 360-degree turn from Adly Rutschman.

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