A lengthy meeting took place in a Midstate school district to discuss a proposed project aimed at upgrading its athletic fields.

During the Tuesday night West York School Board meeting, discussions lasted for over three hours concerning plans to enhance the school’s athletic fields.

One parent expressed concerns about their 12-year-old football-playing child refusing to participate on a turf field due to personal research findings.

Another attendee highlighted the dissatisfaction among various athletes, including those in soccer, field hockey, football, baseball, and softball, regarding the conditions of the current fields.

There is disagreement within the West York School District and the school board regarding the proposed upgrades to the athletic fields.

The board clarified that the current vote was not about advancing the project but rather about sending it to zoning and engineering for further assessment.

The motion to proceed with this step received unanimous approval. According to Board President Lynn Kohler, the estimated cost of the project is around $20 million, subject to potential adjustments.

The proposed improvements include enhancing safety measures, ensuring handicap accessibility, installing new fields and locker rooms, introducing artificial turf, and expanding parking facilities to reduce street parking and enhance traffic flow.

Kohler mentioned that the anticipated increase in school taxes for an average homeowner would likely range from $100 to $200. This would mark the first tax increase in years, with a significant portion attributed to factors like inflation and higher salaries for school staff.

Some attendees suggested scaling back the project, implementing it gradually, and saving costs to alleviate the burden on taxpayers, especially those facing financial challenges.

The board stressed that the project is still in its initial stages, and no final decisions have been made yet.