Not only Republicans have questions about the residual uncertainty and unanswered ones regarding the 2020 presidential election.

As America approaches the November midterm elections, independent voters and Democrats also consider the fairness of the election a top priority.

In March, Rasmussen Reports found that 83 percent of potential voters believe that the fairness of the election should be a major factor in the 2022 election to the House of Representatives / Senate and the presidency in 2024.

Eighty-nine percent of Republicans called the issue “important,” and 62 percent called it “very important.” Among Democrats, 78% called it “important”, 52% – “very important”. And 84 percent of independent voters said “important,” 60 percent “very important.”

A gap of 15 points in the US election is considered “passable”. In this context, “good faith elections” is a serious problem.

In 2020, former President Donald Trump lost the re-election despite receiving far more votes than in 2016, including far more minority votes. Since then, Republicans – and others – have questioned the fairness of the election.

Surprisingly, questioning the results of 2020, people are banned or censored, even expelled from search engines Big Tech and social networks.

I wonder what to fear from a thorough forensic investigation, especially if, as Democrats, corporate media and Big Tech censors insist, there was no ridiculous business around this election?

In 2020, the panic over COVID-19 has eased voting rules, distributed unwanted, dangerous ballots by mail, and made counting and recording votes problematic almost everywhere. But major public concerns include Arizona, Wisconsin, Georgia and Pennsylvania, where the results have been harsh, and there is evidence that misconduct and foreign money could have determined the results and, cumulatively, cast a ballot box.

An investigation by the nonprofit Thomas More Society alleges that election officials violated several state laws during the Wisconsin election. Biden won in Wisconsin with just 20,608 votes.

In Arizona, where President Joe Biden won by just 10,457 votes, Attorney General Mark Brnovich released a report that said: “… the 2020 election in Maricopa County [Phoenix] identified serious vulnerabilities that need to be addressed and raises questions about the 2020 elections … “, and” … the review identified cases of election fraud by persons who have been or will be prosecuted for various election crimes “.

A contractor hired to monitor the counting of ballots in Fulton County, Atlanta, Georgia, has written a report detailing “massive” violations of good faith and mismanagement during the 2020 election, including double counting, voters, taking out election materials in stock and moving “too many” ballots on election day.

Election day cell phone tracking data showed that ballot collectors / traders in Georgia repeatedly stopped at two Democratic offices to shove ballots into unmanned ballot boxes. Biden won in Georgia with just 11,779 votes.

At a public hearing on bills that would block private grants, the Pennsylvania legislature heard evidence backed up by electronic evidence that, among other documented violations, Democrat Gov. Tom Wolfe’s office conspired with left-wing activists to raise millions for private money. The 2020 effort to go to the polls exclusively in constituencies that are pro-Democrat, which could be a violation of the paragraph on equal protection of the U.S. Constitution.

Biden occupied Pennsylvania by about the same margin as Donald Trump in 2016.

Summing up, National Public Radio reported that Biden received a total of 159,065 votes in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

It is possible that Joe Biden has no place in the White House for reasons other than his apparent incompetence.

Obviously, public confidence in the election has exploded. People want to ensure that their votes are counted, others are not counted several times – and dead people do not vote.

Since 2020 is history, today let’s at least honestly calculate what really happened, identify the problems of the electoral system, and then fix them – start with the elimination of ballot boxes, standardization of one-day voting and the requirement to identify photos at polling stations and approved ballots. for voting, making the latter the only acceptable method of voting by mail.

Before anyone makes the usual ridiculous accusations of “racism” and “voter repression” by the left, think about it from Rasmussen:

“While some argue that voter ID laws discriminate against racial minorities, the majority of each racial group – 76% of whites, 60% of black voters and 78% of other minorities – agree that requiring a photo ID is a reasonable measure. protect the fairness of the election. “

Is it a racist view that minorities are unable to obtain a photo ID, or is it just dishonest?

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