Faithful return to personal worship; The health care system wants communities to pay; Maxi shines in victory in the 76ers playoffs

Good morning and happy Easter. Here are some of the top stories from around the region.


The storms that took place on Saturday night left us today with a sunny but much colder day. The maximum temperature is expected to be around 51 degrees.

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Faithful return to worship as usual as the pandemic subsides

Two years ago, the COVID-19 pandemic began to affect the world. At the time, then-President Donald Trump predicted that by Easter the economy would reopen and churches would be overcrowded. This never happened, and many churches, synagogues and mosques adapted to virtual services and Masses, with a sharp decline in attendance. But today attendance has increased again and more people are worshiping in person.



Crozer Health says municipalities will pay for or lose paramedic services

Crozer Health President and CEO Kevin M. Spiegel this week sent a letter to at least seven Delaware counties, giving them 10 days to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars or face a 90-day notice to stop the “car chase” paramedic service. On Tuesday, Spiegel sent a letter to the leaders of Glenolden, Prospect Park, Tinicum, Norwood and Ridley Park, informing them that the Advanced Life Support Response Machine, also known as the chase machine serving these communities, brought in $ 336,000 in annual losses.

The Good Samaritan was recognized for rescuing a motorist in West Whiteland

We never know when the right person is driving down the highway behind us at a critical moment. On February 10, at about 11:30 a.m., a car traveling on Swidsford Road, near Hillside Drive, suddenly veered off the road, climbed a guide rail and overturned on the roof of a stream below. The driver and two small dogs in the severely damaged car were found in the water upside down, wearing seat belts, with airbags deployed.

According to state police, the body found in Berks Creek has been identified as a man who has been missing for 6 months

The heavily decomposed body, found floating on Thursday in Maiden Creek in Richmond, has been identified as the body of a man from Windsor, whose disappearance was reported six months ago by a relative, state police said. An autopsy was scheduled for Monday at Reading Hospital to determine the cause and manner of death of 60-year-old Ronald Harman.

The increase in COVID cases in Pennsylvania is caused by the most densely populated counties

The latest surge in COVID cases is evident across Pennsylvania and especially in Philadelphia and counties bordering the city, in the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s latest weekly early warning monitoring panel. The dashboard compares the week ending on Thursday with the week ending on April 7th.


Tyris Maxi of the Philadelphia 76ers (left) vs. Fred VanVlit of the Toronto Raptors (right) during Game 1 of the NBA First Round Basketball Playoff Series, Saturday, April 16, 2022, in Philadelphia. 76ers won with a score of 131-111.

Maxi’s “Growth” game stuns the Raptors early in the series with the Sixers

At Tyree Maxi Sixers fans roared “Maxi! Max! Maxie! ” after every electrified game, and he shoved the cost of the season into the breakthrough of his young career. Maxi was impressed by the whirlwind of layopa, hooked up to a triple from the Curry range and did whatever he wanted, all the while disassembling the Raptors. He even threw the ball, which gave an autograph as the star of the 76ers game, to the stands, where the fan grabbed with both hands. Maxie succeeded. In the third quarter, he scored 21 of his career-high 38 points and scored five three-pointers to lead Philadelphia to a 131-1 victory over Toronto in the first game on Saturday night.

McCaffer: Joe Girardi’s security problem as Phyllis’ manager cannot be ignored

Dave Dombrowski has led Phyllis for more than a year and has yet to make any important decisions about baseball. He did not hire a manager. He tolerated Joe Girardi, and for good reason. Last season, “Phyllis” really had victories, their first since 2011. There has been some improvement. Some. Although they are eligible, Phyllis has not taken a version of Girard’s contract for 2023. This makes him the most vulnerable of employees – management is expected to make senior management look good for liberal spending in other areas.


Montgomery County Historical Society Presents Cemetery Music

Join the Montgomery County Historical Society to get a free outdoor concert on April 29th. Bring a blanket, listen to live music and watch the sunset at Montgomery Cemetery from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. There will also be a food truck on site where you can purchase some summer evening snacks such as Italian ice and a funnel. Classical flutist Faith Wassan, an international artist who has toured Europe and North America as an orchestral and solo musician, will perform at the Cemetery, including the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts, the National Concert Hall of Ireland and the Palace. Carbelli in Vienna, Austria.

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