Famous Arctic Fishtown Cardboard Boxes Stopped – NBC10 Philadelphia

Fishtown’s iconic symbol will soon disappear.

According to Fishtown bar, the production of cardboard boxes for ice tea Arctic Splash the size of a pint with frost-covered blue letters with bubbles has been stopped. Interstate Conscription Chamber. Your favorite drink will still be available in the pot.

“We only have limited stocks of Arctic Splash cardboard boxes in stock, if there aren’t, it could be over,” is a bar known for using cardboard packaging for ice cocktails. posted on Instagram.

Interstate officials said on Thursday they were told that Lehigh Valley Dairy was suspending production of a cardboard box for school milk.

The good news is that Dean Foods Co., a producer of a well-known Philadelphia drink from Dallas, will continue to make iced tea, offering it in gallon and half-gallon jars.

For years, small cardboard boxes are known to appear almost everywhere in Fishtown – from store shelves at the corners to street gutters. Social media accounts appeared to track clogged cardboard boxes.

And while the lack of a cardboard box can be beneficial to the streets of Fishtown, it is definitely felt in the hearts of residents.

“Please pray for me in this troubled time,” Wrote Dan McQueed on Twitter. To which Replied user Leo“Favorite beat that you can get with a cheese steak. Gutted.”

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