Fan N’ATion Playlist: Pittsburgh Penguins 2022 Playoff by DJ Petey C

The official participant of the Fan N’ATion party, DJ Petey C, has compiled this playlist for Pens fans so you can cheer up for the Pittsburgh Penguins playoffs! This playlist was created with all Penguins fans in mind. The tracks include songs of determination, perseverance, perseverance and success, as well as tracks that were played in the arena during the Pens games, and even songs from famous Pens moments or videos over the years. A veteran DJ who performs as a DJ at various events and venues in Pittsburgh, DJ Petey C is often sought after at events hosted by our sports teams and their players. Also included are songs by some players from these events (e.g. Hall and Oates). Let’s handle!

Playoff playlist Pittsburgh Penguins by DJ Petey C

Click HERE to open the playlist on Spotify

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