Fargo actor William H. Macy eats at Three Sisters Park in Euphrates on Wednesday night | Entertainment

Amy Award-winning actor William H. Macy has reappeared in Lancaster County, this time at the Three Sisters Park in Euphrates.

Macy, best known for her work with the famous film “Fargo” and the Emmy Award-winning show “Shameless”, ate at a Khmer-Thai restaurant on Wednesday night, the Three Sisters Facebook post said.

“We admire your work and appreciate your kindness! Thank you for your patronage in the Euphrates region. I hope to see you again,” the Facebook post said.

This is not the first time the award-winning actor has been spotted in the county. Recently in 2021 he stayed at Mad Chef Craft Brewing in East St. Petersburg.

Mad Chef co-owner Francisco Ramirez described him as “a very modest man, just very carefree”.

In 2018, he dined at Gus’s Keystone restaurant, and in 2014, fans saw him at Ephrata Walmart.

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