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Bucks County – Voters in Bucks County on Tuesday, May 17, will select their candidates to run in the fall for state, federal and local legislatures.

Polling stations open at 7 am and will remain open until 8 pm or until the last voter in the queue votes. Find your polling place or check its location by clicking here.

To count ballots by mail and ballot papers must be received at the polling station by 20:00 on election day. Ballots received after election day will not be counted regardless of the postmark.

As of Monday morning, voters had returned more than 38,564 ballots out of 60,272 sent, according to the Office of the Election Commission.

To get the ballot in time, leave it in one of the 11 safe ballot boxes located in county government offices and local libraries across the county. Hours vary by location, but no ballot box will be open after 8pm on election day. Sclick here for a list of polling stations and opening hours.

Each voter may return only his or her ballot, unless he or she has been authorized as an authorized representative for another voter who is unable to return the ballot on his or her own. For more information on ballot papers by mail and the appointment of a designated agent, Click here.

To get answers to others frequently asked questions about voting in Bucks County, Click here to check the page with frequently asked questions about the voting of the Electoral Council.

Voters who cannot find answers on can write to the Election Commission at or call 215-348-6154.

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