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Of course, there are many ways to approach the current problem of lack of baby formulas.

Mothers who are currently breastfeeding and pregnant women “sit decently” until there is an inevitable food shortage in general.

In the beginning I have to say that I was the first woman to teach before her term in the history of the Lower Marion School District, not so much in order to make a statement as in a practical sense.

When I started teaching at Haritan High School in 1974, many teachers were not married, married without children, or were mothers of school-age children.

In the early 70’s, pregnancy was considered a disability, so expectant mothers were given the right to use the accumulated paid sick leave.

I was a nursing mother with my first child and everything went very well, so I decided with my husband to figure out how to return to teaching as a nursing mother two weeks after the birth of my second child.

At the time, there was a lot of support for baby boomers to breastfeed their babies, especially because organic foods and lifestyles that returned to nature were popularized.

In the late 60’s and early 70’s in the Main Line there were two stores of natural products. The Cleary family ran the Main Line Diet Shop in Ardmore, and there was a health food store in Wayne near the train station.

In addition, Arrowroot Beth and Joe Carapika – now located on Lancaster Avenue in Bryn More and owned by Debbie and David Nigeman – was opened around 1974 in the lower level of Rosemont Village Mall.

There was also an unusual macrobiotics and vegetarianism store called Satori, located on a side street adjacent to Lancaster Avenue in Brin More.

In addition, in Denby, Rednor, there was a fresh food cooperative and the Brin-Maur-Haverford College College on College Avenue, which operated at the home of the senior Parson couple.

For several years I was also a member of the Ecology Food Cooperative in Powellton Village, West Philadelphia.

There was also a mail order from Walnut Acres, my longtime favorite, in Pence Creek, near Emmaus, Pennsylvania.

In 1946, Paul and Betty Keaney acquired a property known as Walnut Acres. From this 100-acre farm with its dilapidated buildings, their used car and horse-drawn carriage, they began their work and founded what became “America’s original organic farm.”

Later that year, their first tiny advertisement for organic grain appeared in Organic Gardening magazine.

When I remember all this, it becomes quite clear that encouraging mothers to nurse their children and eat a clean and nutritious diet were almost the norm.

When I breastfed the first and second child, I continued to breastfeed three, four and five children. It is important to note that it seemed to me that most mothers at the time were breastfeeding their children.

Although times have changed, I can say that all six of my grandchildren are breastfeeding, now between the ages of 9 months and 21, so there is some confidence that modern mothers are encouraged during pregnancy to prepare for baby.

The percentage – 25 percent – of nursing mothers in the U.S. is published today due to the current shortage of infant formula.

The working number of months for breastfeeding or formula is 12, after which the child can start drinking pasteurized cow’s milk.

This is probably a good place to sing the praises and benefits of breastfeeding – special bonds, nutrients and amino acids for brain development such as taurine, boosted immunity and especially the gentle and gentle softness of keeping a baby close to you.

One caveat I would like to emphasize for nursing mothers is that they should avoid using devices, especially cell phones, while their babies are so close to them.

It sounds old-fashioned, but feeding time is good for singing to your baby and talking to your baby in soft tones.

Going back to the seventies and to the new culture.

As a side note, in 1972-73 I co-operated a bike shop in Gareth Hill called CommonWheel, and I rode a bike with my firstborn from Vilanova to Rovmont and Bryn More with a prototype of the freestanding “excavator” Cannondale, which I converted to a stroller attached to my 10-speed Gitane.

Cycling as a means of transportation was becoming very popular, and Cannondale designers sought to meet these needs.

However, in essence, I write about how parents raise their children, and yes, breastfeeding is best if the nursing mother eats a clean diet consisting of healthy foods and avoids caffeine, alcohol, smoking, drugs and many medications.

I want to hope that we are not so alienated from the world of nature and nutritious food for our babies and children that what I am describing does not matter.

Another note – in the sixties also debuted Happy Baby food grinders and soft cloth carriers Snugli, as well as redesigned cotton diapers.

If this crisis due to the shortage of infant formulas gives some rebound, it could mean that more mothers decide to breastfeed their children and get a lot of mutual benefits, in addition to incentives to eat healthier food.

The name “I’ve been a cow for eight years” sounds ridiculous, but breastfeeding is a really good system.

Mary Brown has taught Latin at Hariton High School for 12 years, in Lower Marion for 27 years, and is currently an adjunct professor of Latin at St. Joseph’s University.

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