Fern Hollow Bridge collapse: 3 lawyers filed lawsuits against the city

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – It’s been almost four months since the Fern Hollow Bridge collapsed.

On Monday, three attorneys filed lawsuits against the city of Pittsburgh. Lawyers demand that the city identify the companies and individuals responsible for inspecting and maintaining the bridge.

All three attorneys represent different clients who, they say, are still suffering physically and mentally. They believe that the collapse of the bridge could have been prevented.

Lawyers for Jason Matsus, Pete Giglione and Rich Talaric filed lawsuits against the city on Monday. They speculate that others other than the city may have been involved in the collapse of the Fern Hollow Bridge in January, causing several cars and a bus of the port administration to fall.

They are asking the district judge of Allegheny to force the city to pass on the information.

“We are trying to achieve transparency from the city,” Giglione said. “We want to know what they knew, we want to know who else was involved in the survey, maintenance and preparation of the bridge, if necessary. And this is the information we are asking the judge to order the city to disclose to us. ”

“The limited information we have now shows at least that this bridge has been in poor condition since 2011,” said Matsus, representing Clinton Rank. “The operational question is what, if anything, has the city done over the past 10-plus years to protect the population?”

Matsus said Ranko and his car collapsed about 100 feet. He received a broken neck and a sternum.

Giglione represents Daryl Luciani, a bus driver from the port administration. He said Luciani underwent shoulder surgery last week and could not return to work.

On Monday, the city of Pittsburgh said it did not comment on the lawsuits.

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