Who is Dr. Mehmet Oz who wants to be our senator? Well, for one thing, he’s a carpet dealer and a Turkish citizen who showed up in Pennsylvania just in time to escape. He didn’t even have a house here, but he owned many houses in other places. Oz, who is worth more than $100 million, has been endorsed by former President Donald Trump, to whom he now owes a vote on the issues. You won’t get an independent opinion or vote from Oz. Trump and the MAGA crowd now own it.

It turns out that Oz played a role in animal cruelty research. I guess he thinks it was just cool.

Oz is also in favor of denying women the right to abortion. Women or animals do not seem to be the subjects he wants to represent.

In contrast, John Fetterman is a Pennsylvanian through and through. He was born in West Reading and attended Albright College, where he played football. Fetterman has shown throughout his life that he works hard not for himself, but for the people. He is a former Big Brother and AmeriCorps volunteer.

Fox News has spent a significant amount of time vilifying Fetterman. Could it be that the right is afraid that the people, given the chance, might elect one of the best people to the Senate?

Earl Knoll