Fetterman secures Demo’s nomination to the Senate; The Republican race is too close to call The state

Unofficial results of the May 17 primary.

Across the state, a race in the U.S. Senate shows Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman leading the Democrats. Fetterman, who suffered a mild stroke in the last days of the campaign, garnered 58.96% of the vote as of Wednesday morning, ahead of Conor Lamb with 26.48%, Kenyatta Malcolm with 10.31% and Alexandria Khalil with 4.25%.

The results are too close to be called a Republican side, as TV presenter Mehmet Oz and David McCormick are friendly. Oz has 31.38% and McCormick – 31.26%. They are followed by Katie Barnett with 24.55% Carla Sands with 5.43%, Jeff Barthos with 4.87%, Sean Gale with 1.47% and George Bachetta with 1.05%.

In the presidential race, Democrat Josh Shapiro has no opposition in the primaries.

Republicans voted in favor of Doug Mastrian with 44.14% of the vote. He defeated the other candidates, as Lou Barletta received 20.39%, Bill McSwaine – 15.63%, David White – 9.48%, Melissa Hart – 3.98%, and the other candidates were Joseph Gale, Jake Corman, Charles Gerow and Nche Zama received 1-2% of the vote.

As lieutenant governor, Democrats backed Austin Davis with 63.12%, followed by Brian Sims with 24.82% and Raymond Sosa with 12.06% of the vote.

Kerry Delrosa climbed to the top of the crowded Republican field, gaining 25.88% of the vote. It is followed by Richard Saccone with 15.63%, Ted Daniels with 12.28%, Clarice Schillinger with 11.72%, Jeff Coleman with 10.13%, James Jones with 9.02%, Russell Diamond with 5.87% and Christopher Fry with 4.69%.

Potter County voters supported, as shown below. Records are not included in the unofficial count.

U.S. Senator

Republicans: Katie Barnett 1058, Mehmet Oz 809, Dave McCormick 875, Carla Sands 260, Jeff Barthos 214, Sean Gale 41, George Bachet 28

Democrat: John Fetterman 535, Connor Lamb 115, Alex Khalil 29, Malcolm Kenyatta 19

The governor

Republicans: Douglas W. Mastriana 1954, Lou Barlett 358, Jake Corman 245, Bill McSwain 207, Melissa Hart 164, Dave White 146, Nche Zama 141, Joe Gale 115, Charlie Hero 49

Democrat: Josh Shapiro (no opposition) 643


Republicans: Teddy Daniels 901, Rick Sacone 489, Carrie Lewis Delrosa 403, Jeff Coleman 308, James Earl Jones 258, Clarice Schillinger 253, Chris Fry 177, John Brown 145, Ras Diamond 100

Democrat: Austin Davis 468, Ray Sosa 60, Brian Sims 135.

US Congress, 15th District

Republican: Glen G.T. Thompson (no counteraction) 3050

Well. representative, 67th District

Republican: Martin T. Kauser 2410, Robert W. Rosman 904

Committee members

Republican State Committee: Karen K. Cahill (no opposition) 3048.

Chairman of the Republican District: Donald P. Kudryk (without opposition) 3001.

State Committee of the Democratic Party: Dennis Gudenaf (no opposition) 669

The results of other races of precinct committees at the time of the press were not available.

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