I support John Fetterman’s candidacy for Pennsylvania’s new senator because I believe his record as lieutenant governor and mayor shows that he is patriotic, pro-American, pro-labor — and just plain common sense. When Fetterman is in Washington, he will fight for:

• Do more things in America

• Reduce taxes for workers

• Prohibit Congress from trading stocks

• Reduce out-of-pocket health care costs

• Put an end to immoral price gouging

I trust Fetterman to protect my interests and the interests of ordinary people. I trust him to use the government to help the common people. I don’t trust rich people who sell fake medicine, lie about the 2020 election and have dual citizenship in Turkey like Mehmet Oz.

Fetterman has government experience; Oz doesn’t have one. Fetterman and his family live in Pennsylvania; Oz just moved here. By his behavior, John showed that he genuinely cared about ordinary people; Oz is a rich man who went on vacation not once but twice when he had to work to get elected.

I don’t think Oz ever did a day of real work. Fetterman will work for all Pennsylvanians.

Michael Babb


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