Filling chairs: city and county pools want to fill lifeguard jobs as summer approaches

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – This summer so many things are returning to normal after the pandemic, the expected demand for swimming pools.

There is a push to save in the stands so that the pools can open, but in recent years it has been difficult to meet current needs.

In some cases, the struggle continues. A selective inspection of the basins in the region shows that only the Westmoreland County Veterans Memorial Pool is fully staffed.

Everyone else is postponing the deadlines.

Summer by the pool is always nice, but this attraction is not always enough.

“We still need to be fully staffed,” said Lance Welliver, director of parks and recreation in Butler County. “We are looking for another good half a dozen guards to complete this process.”

In the Alameda Basin County, Butler Welliver said last year that they had to limit working hours.

“We hope we don’t do that again this year, but let’s see what we end up with,” Welliver said.

Pittsburgh pools were also limited by hours last year.

“We don’t have enough guards to open all the pools,” explained Catherine Vargas, director of Pittsburgh Parks & Recreation. “We definitely have enough guards to open more pools than last summer.”

Thus, Vargas said the recruitment to the city pools takes place in the full court press, and they “also cover the cost of all the necessary training certification”.

All pools are entering their final training cycle, including Allegheny County, where Andy Grobe said they need 160-200 guards to cover the four pools.

“We have another class of lifeguard certification and another aquatic species test in the last week of May,” Grobe said.

So does that mean they can open all their pools on full schedule?

“Yeah, I mean, we’re going to do different things to move the guards,” he said.

All the people I spoke to are optimistic that they will get the help they need in time for the opening next month.

Alameda starts guarding from $ 12.50 an hour, and Pittsburgh and Alegen County – $ 16 an hour.

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When you think of lifeguards, you think of high school and college students, right?

Think again.

“Anyone of any age can definitely be a great savior,” said Grob. “We’re just looking for swimmers, you know, the age group doesn’t matter to us.”

Grobe added that Allegheny County, which offers rescuers ’jobs, is ideal for people looking for job flexibility.

“Your best candidate here, we can get around your schedule the way you want,” he said.

Vargas with City Pools has agreed that if you can take the tests, they will take any hours you can offer.

“You can play sports, you may have other obligations, it’s perfectly normal,” she said.

Veliver in Butler County said it is attracting people with higher salaries by increasing their compensation to $ 12.50 an hour.

You can apply for a lifeguard vacancy at the links below!

Alegen County

The city of Pittsburgh

Butler County


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