On June 28, Lancaster County residents will be able to see the local attraction in a different light.

“Where the Scary Things Are,” a new horror film by B. Harrison Smith, was shot in the fall of 2020 at the perennial attraction “Field of Screams” in Mountville. The film will be released by Lionsgate on DVD and paid streaming services.

Known for his horror films like “Special” and “House of Death,” Smith has made the last few films in various parts of central Pennsylvania. “Where the Scary Things Are” was created in coordination with Matt Niss and Doug Henderson of York’s production company Everything’s Fire.

“(Owners of the Field of Screams) The Schopf brothers got us,” Smith said in an interview with the 2021 film. “They knew what we wanted to do. We made an amazing, high-quality film about monsters and made their place even more incredible than it already is in real life. “

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