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The Pittsburgh fish fry offers delicious options for those who observe Lent, and for those who want only delicious. Over the years, many local restaurants have added to these dishes sandwiches and side dishes suitable for vegetarians, allowing people who do not eat meat to join in the celebration.

Here are five places in Pittsburgh where you can eat for vegans and Lent.

Wild Rise Bakery
N. Homewood Avenue, 717, Hamwood. wildrisebakery.com
Wild Rise, in addition to the traditional fish sandwich, there’s a sando of fried oyster mushrooms that you can treat yourself to if you’re vegan. As always with Wild Rise, the dish is also gluten free. Oyster mushrooms are marinated in Caribbean condiments before frying, so get ready for an appetizing experience.

1506 E Carson St., South Side. viridispgh.com

Viridis is all the time vegan, so they added to their menu fish with banana color Sammy just during Lent. Banana color is a flower with a purple peel that grows at the end of a bunch of bananas, which when cooked has a soft, flaky texture resembling fish. With a toasted bun, homemade tar-tar sauce, lettuce and fried banana flower fillet you are sure to get a unique experience.

Onion Maiden
639 E. Warrington Ave., Allenttown. onionmaiden.com
This vegan restaurant also has a Banana Blossom Po Boy that will make you run for more. With the right marinades and condiments, it perfectly mimics the fish you may have grown from.

Ruggers Pub
40 S. 22nd Street, South Side. ruggerspub.com

The Ruggers have a surprisingly good vegan menu in addition to the usual food at the bar, and recently they added fried Po Boy Tofu with vegan remoulade sauce served on a hogi bun with lettuce, tomatoes and diced pickles.

Farmer x Baker
1101 Powers Run Road, Fox Chapel. farmerxbaker.com
Are you attracted to the name Filet O ‘Flower? This is a great offer from Farmer x Baker, made from cauliflower and seasoned with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and homemade sauce. You may have to unscrew your jaw to handle this, but it’s worth it. An FxB Instagram account confirms that these beauties will go on sale on Friday, so be prepared to order yours this weekend.

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