For 25 years The Fur Ball has been raising funds for furry friends of Philadelphia Lifestyle

Having a pet is special. People who have pets, especially a dog, often compare this to having a baby. They need love, attention, patience and discipline. They need food, water, clothes (when cold). Caring for a pet can be difficult. Morris Animal Refuge in Philadelphia has been doing this for a very long time. It is expensive to run a shelter and give animals everything they need. For the past 25 years they have held the Fur Ball as an exciting way to raise the money needed to continue helping animals.

This year’s gala representative is aptly titled “Silver Fur Ball: 25th Anniversary of Saving Lives.” The ball will take place in glamorous Bellevue Philadelphia, located on March 25th.

The festivities may be 25 years old, but the shelter has saved animals much longer. Maurice Animal Shelter is one of the first animal shelters. Elizabeth Morris founded it in 1874.

“She started with a very small house just around the corner from us and eventually moved into the 1242 Lombard property. At the time, she was mostly rescuing cats. Cats at the time, in the city of Philadelphia, were not considered pets as they are today. They were considered pests. She was one of the few and first pioneers to rescue and shelter animals, ”said Daryl Moore, director of operations at Morris Animal Rescue.

Morris was very innovative and intuitive and recognized the need to save animals. She even hired a horse and gods and created the first ambulance for the animals. Morris Animal Rescue is proud to continue what began so many years ago. The silver fur ball is the largest fundraiser in the rescue. It includes a 4-hour open bar, several snacks, live music, a quiet auction, a 50/50 draw and dancing. Of course, animals will be present! This is a great occasion to dress the most beautiful thing in your wardrobe and party, while doing a good deed and saving animals.

Proceeds from this year’s Silver Fur Ball fundraiser will go to rescue homeless, abandoned and unwanted pets in the Greater Philadelphia region. It will help support America’s first animal shelter with vital programs, including the Rescue Foundation, the Education Program, the Adoption Program, and the Low Cost Sterilization and Sterilization Program. Steve Morrison with 93.3 WMMR will lead it, and the music is provided by DJ Perry Angelotti.

COVID-19 and the pandemic have affected animal shelters across the country.

“In the beginning of COVID we had a lot of people taking animals because they spent a lot of time at home. It was nice for the shelters because everyone flocked to the local shelter because they were going to be home for work or out of work. We have seen many people adopt animals or offer foster care for animals. As the pandemic developed, people began to return to work, and unfortunately, with the onset of evictions, we began to see a wave of people surrendering their animals at a faster rate than usual, ”Moore said.

Fortunately, Maurice’s animal shelter has housed many of its pets in permanent homes. Their partners and other shelters, however, saw an influx of returning animals, and Morris helped them with the returned pets.

Maurice Animal Shelter hopes to raise funds so they can continue to save, settle, rehabilitate and eventually get these animals adopted forever. For more information on the Silver Fur Ball: 25th Anniversary of Life Saving visit morrisanimalrefuge.org/events

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