Former Boertown School Board Leader in Democratic Race for 24th Senatorial District

The former Boertown school board member appears to have been the Democrats ’choice to run in the 24th Senate constituency in the fall general election.

Jill Denin from Montgomery County more than tripled its rival’s total votes.

According to incomplete and unofficial votes, on Wednesday morning Denin received 17,044 votes. Emanuel Wilkersona former member of the Potstown School Board, earned 5984.

General votes may not include all postal ballots, preliminary or military ballots. The overall results will be updated as the counts of election officials complete and update their data.

It looks like Denin will meet with the state this fall Representative of Tracy PennikyukWorld Health Organization takes great leadership at the Republican Primaries.

The 24th Senatorial District has long been represented by Bob Mensch, who announced this year that he would not seek re-election. The county includes parts of the eastern county of Berks and the northwestern county of Montgomery.

State senators work for four years and receive an annual salary of $ 95,432.

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