Former opioid maker Allergan reaches $2.5 billion settlement with Pennsylvania, other states | Pennsylvania News

Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced a settlement in principle with a former opioid manufacturer.

The deal will require Allergan to pay nearly $2.5 billion to state and local governments.

This comes after the company allegedly downplayed the risk of addiction while marketing opioids.

Shapiro, along with California’s attorney general, led more than a dozen states in the settlement.

Allergan previously made Norco and Kadian brand opioids and generic opioids. The company sold its generic portfolio, including opioid products, to Teva in 2016.

Pharmaceutical giant Teva agrees to pay $4.25 billion in preliminary opioid settlement

This is the state’s second opioid settlement this week. The $4.25 billion deal with Teva was announced Tuesday. Part of that depended on Allergan reaching its settlement.

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