Former President Trump Supports Mastrian Arc in Pennsylvania Governor’s Race – NBC10 Philadelphia

Former President Donald Trump is supporting State Senator Doug Mastrian in the fight for the Republican candidate for governor of Pennsylvania.

Trump made the announcement in a statement Saturday morning, writing that Mastriana “revealed fraud, corruption and open theft in the 2020 presidential election, and will do something about it.”

Mastrian, a far-right Republican who repeated the conspiracy theory debunked by the former president that the 2020 election was stolen by widespread voter fraud, recently led the polls in the Republican gubernatorial election.

A Trafalgar Group poll published on May 9 Mastrian is backed by 27.6% of Republican voters, followed by Lou Barletta, a Republican candidate for the 2018 U.S. Senate and former congressman known for his crusade against illegal immigration, with 17.6%; Dave White, who runs a large plumbing and ventilation firm and is a former board member of Delaware County, with 15.1%; and Bill McSwainea lawyer who was appointed by the U.S. Attorney General in Philadelphia, with 14.4%.

Of the 1,000 voters polled for this poll, only about 11% were undecided.

Mastriana first gained supporters by leading anti-termination rallies in the first months of the pandemic, and then became one of Trump’s most loyal supporters during the 2020 campaign.

He worked with Trump to overturn the result, and arranged bus trips to the U.S. Capitol for Trump’s “Stop the Steal” rally on Jan. 6, where he was later spotted in footage of his wife passing through broken barricades set up by Capitol police.

Mastrian also tried to run a party “audit” of the 2020 Arizona-style election – only to be stripped of the chairmanship of the Republican Senate leadership in a clash over funding and hiring contractors.

In a statement of support, Trump said Mastrian would also “fight violent crime, strengthen our borders, protect lives, defend our Second Amendment under siege, and help our military and our veterinarians. He is a fighter, like few others, and has been with me from the beginning, and now I have a duty to be with him. ”

However, Mastrian’s ascent has stirred up some in the Republican Party I’m afraid he is too conservative for the state electorate and will be “killed” by Democratic candidate Josh Shapiro in the general election in November.

As a result, some of them united around other candidates.

Jake Corman, another state senator, this week dropped out of the Republican primary race and supported Barletta.

Barletta reacted to the fact that Trump supported Mastrian with his statement.

“Throughout this campaign, I have proven that I am the best Republican to unite the Republican Party and defeat Josh Shapiro, and I will continue to unite our grassroots conservatives to achieve our common goal. I will continue to prove to people that I am the only candidate who can unite the party and bring victory in November, ”Barletta said.

“I look forward to President Trump’s approval on Wednesday morning,” Barletta continued, referring to the morning after Tuesday’s primary.

At the primaries in the Senate Trump supporting doctor and TV personality Mehmet Oz.

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