Former State Senator and President of Pittsburgh City Council Jim Ferlao dies

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Executioner Jim Ferll dies.

Ferlo was a longtime member of the Pittsburgh City Council and fought hard for the things he believed in.

One of those cases was when he was sitting in front of a group of bulldogs when they arrived to demolish an old Syrian mosque.

Ferlot served as president of the Pittsburgh City Council from 1994 to 1998, and then moved to the State Senate in 2003, where he served until 2015.

“Jim has always cared about people he didn’t feel, the poor, people on the margins of life. Jim has always cared about these people,” said CEO Allegheny Co. Rich Fitzgerald.

“But it was from his heart, it’s what he believed in. He wasn’t afraid to come to Harrisburg and talk to our colleagues who were from different parts of the state and didn’t understand what was going on in an urban environment like Pittsburgh.” said Senate Democratic Party leader Sen. Jay Costa.

Governor Wolf ordered flags to be hoisted in Ferlo’s honor.

Ferlo was 70 years old and he was still active in local democratic politics.

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