Four fired Suickley Academy teachers have filed a lawsuit against the school

SEVICLEY, Pennsylvania (KDKA) – A lawsuit against the Swickley Academy alleges that four teachers were fired for combating racial discrimination during the purge of administrators.

According to our news partners Pittsburgh Post-Gazettefour teachers filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday.

The lawsuit says teachers backed Douglas Leak, who filed a separate lawsuit, he was a black administrator who was replaced by a white woman.

Although the school said he was released because of declining numbers and performance.

The lawsuits are the result of “critical footprint theories” when teachers said the Swickley Academy tried to make them forget the past and teach “both sides” of slavery after a group of parents complained about their children’s curriculum.

One teacher claimed she was reprimanded for “stirring the pan” on racial issues, and the school viewed the group of teachers as group leaders.

According to the lawsuit, teachers are seeking reinstatement and compensation for lost salaries and opportunities.

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