Freedom Twp. OK Budget Pennsylvania News

By a unanimous vote, the leaders of the town of Liberty approved the preliminary budget of the municipality for 2022. The vote was cast at the township’s monthly meeting, which recently took place in the municipal building in Stonerstown.

The projected expenditures for the new year, listed in total, are $ 266,764, and the projected revenue is $ 350,323. The first two costs are road construction, $ 45,100; and utilities (police coverage), $ 42,000. The township is contracting with neighboring Saxton Bora for police services.

The state fund / township account forecasts $ 127,323 in revenue compared to projected expenditures of $ 124,804. The two main expenses for the new year are $ 45,000, which will be spent on repairs of roads and bridges, and $ 30,000 – for winter maintenance.

Supervisors John Black, Dick McClure and chairman Brian Weaver have agreed that property taxes will need to be raised slightly to make up for the expected budget deficit. The tax rate will jump from 0.192 to 0.263. The final decision on the budget is scheduled for a meeting of controllers on Monday, December 6, at 19.00 in the village building.

As for other issues, the supervisors opened applications for winter maintenance of roads for 2022.

According to City Secretary Anne Black, snow removal rates have been announced for District 1, which includes East Saxton; area 2, which includes Stonerstown; zone 3, which includes the Raven Run zone; and area 4, which covers the Weaver Woods area.

The following proposals regulating the award of applications were approved: Fisher excavations for zone 1 and areas 4 at a rate of $ 25 per hour for snow removal by truck and $ 11 per hour for snow removal with an excavator shovel; Adam Baker for sweeping streets with an hourly rate of $ 85; Bakers Hauling for bulk transportation, $ 5 per ton for material and $ 85 per hour for trucking; and Fisher Excavation for the use of equipment with different hourly rates.

According to news, John Black has proposed appointing Weaver as a candidate agent (contact) for assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) involving Ida in the Tropical Depression. The designated resolution is marked as 2021-01.

Looking to the future, executives will meet with PennDOT to discuss proposed improvements to Route 913 from the intersection with Route 26, Secretary Black said. No meeting date has been set.

As for the issue, the overseers have begun talks on the need for paving and road replacement next year.

Two land use permits were issued in October, Chairman Weaver said: one for a garage at 132 Cove Mountain Road and the other for a mobile home at 9586 Raystown Road.

Supervisors agreed to use the Saxton Fire Hall in May 2022 as a polling station.

Superintendent Black reviewed the October police report, noting that police had reviewed 16 complaints in the township and issued three warnings for traffic violations.

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