French financial technology FORMANCE spends $ 3.1 million on real-time payment flows

Parisian tech technology startup, which develops low-code solutions to create real-time payment flows, PHARMACY raised $ 3.1 million. In total, led the tour Hoxton Ventures and The first and with support Y combinator and angel investors, including Revolut’s former vice president of global business, Don Hoangand CRO Silvr, Pierre Yuen.

Currently used in Europe and the US, new tools will be used to develop the product and expand the platform in Europe.

Markets, platforms and technology companies need to constantly develop their payment flows to meet market trends, user needs and competitors ’movements. Their growth is closely linked to their ability to handle an increasing volume of transactions and integrate new payment scenarios that may become increasingly complex.

Founded in 2021 Clement Saloun and Ann Sibyl Prodel, fintech solves a segment in the value chain that is still painful and for which there is no ready-made solution: breaking down and tracking the flow of payments between payments and disbursements. The French startup offers an open source solution for creating, operating and tracking the movement of money of any size and shape in a solid accounting system or money.

According to the company, its low-code solution and usage templates allow online businesses to implement their business strategy, simulating payment flows in hours.

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