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Photo: provided by Caffé Mona La Bistro

French toast from Caffé Mona La Bistro

It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and fortunately Pittsburgh has a ton of great options. Various local cafes, eateries and other restaurants have a menu filled with pancakes, eggs, bacon and even pancakes. But one of the best foods for breakfast (perhaps) is French toast with thick sliced ​​bread cooked in egg batter, sprinkled with cinnamon, powdered sugar and syrup.

However, like everything, a simple French toast can quickly get boring. Thankfully, these Pittsburgh restaurants serve delicious, unique spins for this classic breakfast.

Cafe Geppetto

4121 Butler St., Lawrenceville. digipitt.com/geppettocafe.com
The Geppetto Café, located in Lawrenceville, has an extensive menu of sweet and savory dishes for breakfast. The whole section of their menu is dedicated to French toast with choices such as apple (caramelized apples, cream cheese glaze, cinnamon, caramel sauce and whipped cream) and stuffed French toast S’mores (marshmallows, nutella, shredded crackers with chocolate crumbs and beast cream on top) as well as sandwiches with French toast.

Waffles, decaffeinated

Several places. wafflesincaffeinated.com
Waffles, INCaffeinated has locations throughout the Pittsburgh area – including downtown, South Side, Wexford and Beaver – and the network, as the name implies, is famous for its extensive waffle menu. However, they have other foods for breakfast, including French toast, which they also put in the waffle iron. It is made from Italian bread and includes branded honey mascarpone, making it a hybrid of waffles and French toast.

Cafe Mona La Bistro

4200 Penn Ave., Bloomfield and 2019 Penn Ave., Strip District. caffemona.com
Figs and brie, berries, Monte Cristo and spinach are the flavors of Caffé Mona, a restaurant located in Bloomfield and the Strip area. Sponicapita is the most unique option, and with spinach, feta, asiago, fresh mozzarella cheese and icing it is more reminiscent of a gourmet sandwich.

Cafe Moulin

732 Filbert St., Shadyside. cafemoulinpgh.com

This pancake offers delicious and sweet French toasts, with options such as French Walnut Street toast, which combines brie cheese, white chocolate, granola, walnuts and maple oil, and French toast Barcelona, ​​which has mascarpone, Dutch gouda, raspberry compote , and non-dairy whipped cream.

Nancy’s Revival

616 South Ave., Wilkinsburg. nancysrevival.com
For breakfast sandwich lovers who still want to enjoy French toasts, a French sandwich with Monte Cristo toasts from Nancy’s Revival is just what you need. With thickly sliced ​​ham, turkey and melted Swiss between two slices of French toast and maple syrup for dipping, this is the perfect decadent breakfast.

Cherry snack bar

115 Forbes Ave., Downtown. facebook.com/cherriesdiner

The Cherries Diner snack bar in the Market Square stays true to its name with French Very Cherry toast. The product is filled with cream cheese and cherries, blueberries or strawberries of your choice and comes at an affordable price of $ 8.50.

Pamela’s Diner

Several places. pamelasdiner.com

A favorite of Pittsburgh, Pamela’s Diner has a great menu of classic and unique dishes. A funny twist in one of their French toasts – a French croissant toast, which is exactly what it sounds like – three croissants fried with cinnamon and vanilla dough and then topped with chopped walnuts, caramel sauce and powdered sugar. The Pamela’s Squirrel Hill may have closedbut you can still enjoy French toasts and others elsewhere in the network in the Strip, Shadeside, Millvale, Lebanon and Auckland areas.

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