Gasoline prices in Pennsylvania broke a new record

Pennsylvania’s average gasoline prices jumped to a new record high of $ 4.46 a gallon on Friday, up 5 cents from the previous day and 17 cents a week, while diesel prices reached their fourth consecutive daily. record, reports AAA.

The previous record for gasoline in the state was $ 4.44 per gallon, set in early March.

The latter price is about 47% higher than the $ 3.04 average a year ago, according to AAA.

While rising gasoline prices immediately affect almost all consumers, rising diesel prices are a worrying indicator for future consumer prices. Most goods – and even gasoline itself – are transported to points of sale by trucks that use diesel fuel.

AAA said the average price of diesel was $ 6.19 on Friday, up 19 cents in three days and more than 80% higher than the price of $ 3.43 a gallon a year earlier.

Earlier this week, the president and CEO of the Pennsylvania Truck Association, Rebecca Euler, announced rising diesel prices:

“Ultimately, this general public pays for costs through more expensive goods, and sometimes through the unavailability of transportation companies that can’t afford to travel.”

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