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Gerard Butler was “devastated” after the death of his “dear friend” Darius Campbell Danesh.

The “300” star took to Instagram to share a tribute to his “brother in arms,” ​​who died at the age of 41 after being found unresponsive in his Rochester, Minnesota apartment on August 11.

Gerrard, who was pictured on holiday with his fellow Scotsman in Malibu in June, wrote: “I am devastated by the sudden death of my dear friend Darius, a true brother in arms. My thoughts and love to his wonderful mom and dad Avril and Booth and his two brilliant brothers Aria and Cyrus.

Those who were lucky enough to meet Darius for more than a few minutes were deeply impressed by his infectious laugh and barely restrained zest for life. He was always armed with a smile, a booming voice and a genuinely warm hug that few could resist – and wouldn’t want to!!! He was an incredible talent, a singer whose voice touched the soul and an actor with great presence. But, most importantly, he had the heart of a lion. It was bigger and brighter than the sun, and the energy was so contagious that it could light up a room in seconds.

“Our boy Darius was always constant and unwavering in his passion for life. But more important constant was his dream to inspire others to better themselves. He talked the talk, but boy, he walked the walk. He had such clarity of thought, deep wisdom and constant gratitude pro people, pro life, compassion for all. His hilarious sense of humor (he was funny as shit) allowed him to remain humble – something he greatly valued. Daria’s undying dedication to serving people – his family, his friends (not more than me) and the world made him the perfect friend – he led by example, but he was also a teacher as he pushed those he loved to be the best they could be. (yes)”

Gerard admits his heart “hurts a lot” after his friend’s death, but he hopes it will “make sense” why Darius left “so soon”.

He added: “The universe unfolds in ways that we may not agree with or even understand. Somewhere in there, I believe, there is or will be some sense as to why he left us so early. If it was nothing more than teaching us to live with such an open heart, putting others first and never taking ourselves too seriously, if we learn to navigate this shaky world we live in, that might be enough. But something tells me there will be a lot more waves made by our boy Darius row down the road. My heart hurts a lot. But going forward, I will beat the drum harder and celebrate life and every beautiful moment of it, because my brother showed me that this is a very beautiful way to do it. (yes)

Gerrard’s tribute came after Simon Cowell paid tribute to the “charismatic” star.

The music mogul was impressed with the singer on “Pop Idol” in 2001 and offered him a contract after he finished third on the show.

In a statement, Simon said: “I first saw Darius on TV over 20 years ago and got to know him very well.

“He was charismatic, funny and just a great person.

“His death, for someone so young, is an absolute tragedy and my heart goes out to his family and friends.”

Darius turned down Simon’s deal and signed U2 producer Steve Lillywhite instead.

Despite turning down the chance to team up with the X Factor boss, Darius later referred to Simon as a “friend”.

Will Young won Pop Idol in 2001, with Garrett Gates coming in second.

Gareth also paid tribute to the late star, admitting he was “heartbroken” over his friend’s death and admitted Darius was a “big brother” to him on the talent show.

In a statement, he said: “I cannot believe the news of the death of my dear friend Darius. My heart is broken.

“Darius took me under his wing during our time on ‘Pop Idol’ as a big brother; always looked out for me and for that I thank you my friend.’

Darius’ family confirmed this week that he has sadly passed away.

They said in a statement: “It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Darius Campbell Denesh. Darius was found unresponsive in bed in his Rochester, Minnesota, apartment on August 11 and was pronounced dead that afternoon by local officials. forensic examination”.


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