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The National Democrats are waiting for the elections in November. At stake is a career and a majority in Congress – this is the final confirmation of the status of President Joe Biden.

The party’s campaign strategy is designed to further divide and distract Americans, while eliminating inconvenient facts. Democrats and their allies in the corporate media are busy producing phantom problems, ignoring the serious problems posed by Democrats.

America’s economy shrank 1.9 percent in the first quarter; rising food and fuel prices; Bidenflation destroys family budgets; shortages of foods, including baby formula, are common; The death toll from COVID has more than doubled after Biden promised to “shut down the virus”; 2 million people have crossed the southern border illegally in the last 12 months; millions more are entering; U.S. debt exceeds $ 30 trillion, 12-14 percent of which has accumulated over the past fifteen months; Biden’s foreign policy is in disarray; America is losing status in the world; Russia is using Biden’s incompetence to revive the Cold War.

Despite all these serious problems, the solutions to which never appear in or because of campaign materials, Democrats are using deceptive “wedge” questions in the run-up to the midterm elections. They indulge and indulge special interest groups, promoting division, resentment and fear.

Minorities, young Americans, single women and cultural liberals with higher education, who together make up a significant part of the fragile coalition of Democrats, are also among the groups most likely to be disappointed, even angry at Biden’s personal and political shortcomings and failures. Accordingly, Democrats are trying to bribe or intimidate them in the election with fake arguments.

Democrats ’proposal to forgive student loans will transfer more than $ 1.5 trillion in debt to 87 percent of taxpayers who have repaid or never taken out loans. Do Democrats compensate people who have worked for years to pay back theirs?

Expressing “alarm” over voter identification laws, Democrats warn of “suppression” of voters, ignoring the fact that a photo ID is required to enter their national conventions.

The party has created false scenarios regarding “threats” to the “rights” of LGBTQ, which include teaching students gender and sexual anomalies.

They have made Russia’s war with Ukraine a “doomsday” scenario, which is also a good reason for inflation, which is driven by the administration’s policies.

In Afghanistan, Biden and his defense minister oversaw the most humiliating retreat in the country’s history, insisting that America’s main existential threats are climate change and “white supremacy.”

But will voters care about apocryphal climate change after they canceled summer vacations, as gas costs $ 4-6 a gallon and inflation has slashed family budgets? And where is the solid evidence of Democrats for the widespread “forces of white supremacy,” violent or otherwise?

Recently, an unknown assailant of the US Supreme Court has put forward a preliminary draft court decision that will overturn Rowe v. Wade. Instead of condemning the potential indecency of violating court protocols that could end their careers, Biden, Democrats and the media irrationally approved the leak of a decision that would simply return abortion policies in the states.

As gangs have become their default setting in any topical issue (see: George Floyd, BLM, Antifa), Democrats / media are fueling the wrath of radical abortion activists who threaten the Supreme Court and harass judges in their homes.

The New Yorker magazine was ambiguous: “What choice does Biden have? … In the wake of the impending destruction of Rowe v. Wade, partisanship is the only course for the president in our shattered system. “

Liberal Democrats call radicalism “the defense of our democracy” because, apparently, America’s “system” will “break” if Democrats do not achieve their goal.

Moreover, Democrats absurdly call half or more Americans “extremists,” “insurgents,” “transphobes,” “misogynists,” and worse.

It’s useless.

An ABC / Washington Post poll commissioned found that three-quarters of Americans say the economy is terrible; sixty percent say they suffer from Biden-induced inflation; only 17 percent say they are better off under Biden, and two-thirds of Americans live from paycheck to paycheck. In addition, Republicans have a staggering 20-point lead among voters who asked which party could best restore America’s economic health.

Currently, the general ballot favors Republicans over Democrats by seven percentage points.

The economy is the most important issue for Republicans, independents and even Democrats. Fantastic sabotage – phantom threats – will not save the National Democrats.

Months remain, but the administration’s transparent, cynical indulgence and calls for fear and resentment instead of addressing America’s real problems suggest that the Democrat-controlled Congress, and with it Biden’s presidency, is almost over.

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