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CHICAGO – Brutal. This is what the starting pitcher against the Yankees looks like when Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton are in tears. On Friday night, in the second game in a row, Judge and Stanton won the same game to achieve the Bombers ’victory over the White Sox in the 10-4 Guaranteed Right Field.

The Yankees (24-8) have won five in a row and secured at least a split of this series of four games with the White Sox, meaning they will be unbeaten in 10 series this season. It was the sixth time this season that the “bombers” scored double-digit results, corresponding to their total for the 2021 season.

Judges, Stanton, Joey Gala and Josh Donaldson, each of whom is Hamred, and Gareth Cole have published their fourth consecutive quality start in a row.

“It’s cruel. Obviously the power is a lot. There are different types of strikers, and Judge and Stanton are obviously unicorns, ”Cole said of the Yankees. “But we run out of different looks, and every guy really works at the expense and doesn’t back off, so we keep that focus and then just let our talents and our individual strengths shine. It’s really diverse, and it’s very difficult to get through. “

Cole spent the White Sox up three runs on six strokes. He passed one and struck out nine for 6.1 innings. He got 19 strokes and misses, eight on his fastball with four stitches. Michael King allowed the run in

The referee made his 12th home run in the major leagues in Vince Velázquez’s fourth, solo shot. He has eight homers in the last 13 games and nine homers in the last 15. Of his 35 hits this season, 18 were homers. He also killed six doubles.

Stanton scored his 10th homer of the season in the first inning. It was his sixth home run in the last six games. Velázquez’s double strike, killing Aaron Judge, was the eighth of his homers to give the Yankees a lead or equalize.

It was the 22nd time since they’ve been teammates that Judge and Stanton have taken on in one game, and if they do, it could be called the night. The Yankees are 21-1 when two Homer bounces are in the same game, but one loss was against the White Sox. It happened in the Field of Dreams game last season in Iowa.

“I feel like they’re both in a very good place right now,” Yankees manager Aaron Boone said. “I feel like it’s really starting to close here in the last few days, obviously. He was (weekend) with a day game at home (Wednesday) and stopped at the place where he stopped the day before. Really good to see. And Judge, I feel better and better. “

Halo scored his fourth of the season in the fifth. It was Velázquez’s solo hit and his first home run since May 4 in Toronto. The last three games in Halo have a hit.

Josh Donaldson scored his second Homer in the same number of nights, fourth of the season at the top of the ninth, killing Judge.

Aaron Hicks, who dropped to 9th place in the squad for the first time since 2017, doubled in the series in the second. He was 2-on-30 coming into the game. Hicks scored in Donaldson’s double. Jose Trevin scored on an outing DJ LeMahieu.

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Tim Anderson and Donaldson were to be split at third base at the bottom of the first half. The White Sox shortstop dived back to third base in a pickup attempt when Donaldson’s tag was tight and pushed him out of the bag. After third baseman judge Chris Guccione found him safe, Anderson pushed Donaldason when he got up. Guccione quickly stood between them, but the benches cleared, the bullpen emptied, and the minutes stood and glared at each other.

Cole brought out the Yankees in that first inning, despite some sloppy defense behind.

Anderson’s drive line deviated from the referee’s glove in the right field to take a double from the bottom of the half. One day, Isia Keener-Fail scored Luis Robert’s ball and then rolled it when he tried to pick it up, and what was supposed to be a double play turned into a loaded base for Cole. He eliminated Gavin Sheats and AJ Pollock to complete the half.

The Yankee right-hander failed to rescue Kiner-Falef in the sixth. Shortstop swam to the first high, which allowed Robert to reach the leading serve. Keener-Falefa made no mistake in the game, but the next batter, Shits, made it a costly mistake when he landed.

This reduced the Yankees lead to 7-3.

The White Sox scored another result when Cole gave up on Robert at third base in the fourth inning.

Keener-Falefa was steadily present at the short stop, but in the last three games he has been accused of three mistakes and could have four to throw in the fourth.

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