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Governor Wolf demands $ 2,000 payment for Pennsylvania residents The state

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – Gov. Tom Wolfe called on lawmakers on Friday to fund the PA Opportunity Program, which will send checks worth up to $ 2,000 to millions of Pennsylvania residents.

Gov. Wolfe has joined Patty Kim’s representative at the Wesley Union AME Zion Church in Harrisburg to call on the Republican-led Pennsylvania General Assembly to finally support Pennsylvania residents by passing legislation on the U.S. Rescue Plans Act (ARPA 500 million). A program that will send checks worth up to $ 2,000 to millions of Pennsylvania residents.

“I first presented this plan four months ago,” Governor Wolf said. “A lot has changed since then: from inflation to rising prices and the war in Ukraine. Pennsylvania needs our support today even more than in February. According to my plan, Pennsylvania families earning $ 80,000 or less will receive up to $ 2,000, and they can use that money for whatever they need.

“This plan will help Pennsylvania residents get back on their feet right now, but I also want to look ahead to long-term solutions that will help keep Pennsylvania on the path to prosperity. That’s why I support raising the minimum wage for all Pennsylvania residents. “

In February, Governor Wolf introduced Fr. Offer $ 1.7 billion for $ 2 billion in federal ARPA dollars. While Democratic leaders in the Senate and House of Representatives passed the law, Senate Bill of 1619 and House Bill 2531to support Governor Wolf’s PA capability program, the Republican-led Pennsylvania General Assembly has slowly taken steps to allocate federal funding or introduce a plan for dollars.

In case of prolonged inaction of the legislature, the money will be returned to the federal government by December 31, 2024.

In the PA Opportunity Program proposed by Governor Wolf, the $ 500 million ARPA provides direct payments of up to $ 2,000 to Pennsylvania households with incomes of $ 80,000 or less. The program aims to help families who are still recovering economically after the COVID-19 pandemic, or to support them in covering the costs associated with the pandemic, and in managing the current cost of living that is rising every day.

“In recent months, prices for housing, utilities, energy, transport and even food have risen,” said spokesman Kim. “Almost all major Pennsylvania spending has risen in all directions except labor costs. In Pennsylvania, unlike all of our neighboring states, the minimum wage has not declined since 2009. This scenario almost guarantees serious and crippling economic hardships in Pennsylvania for the lowest income people. ”

A spokesman for Kim noted that the poor working in Pennsylvania are fighting only to survive.

“The software must work,” said spokesman Kim. “So I am proud to join Governor Wolf in supporting the PA Opportunity Plan and raising the minimum wage, which not only maintains the subsistence level in PA, but also supports workers and households earning less than $ 80,000 a year – people who have been hit hardest by this change in the economy and the long-term effects of the pandemic ”.

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