Grist House and Eat’n Park combine for a sour-tasting pie Drink | Pittsburgh

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Strawberry pie forever

An interesting part of the recent wave of craft beer has been sharing new beer concepts with random people and measuring their first reaction, be it intrigue, confusion or repulsion. So …

“Grist House and Eat’n Park have collaborated to create Sour, which is cooked with lots of Eat’n Park strawberry pies.”


Don’t worry, everything will be fine. The beer, Strawberry Pie Forever, delivers. Undoubtedly, Grist House Craft Brewery has become a local product, one of the best gathering places in Pittsburgh, as well as a place that can pump out a variety of styles and implement them. And Eat’n Park, well, what else can I say about the local establishment’s impact on the Pittsburgh food and beverage scene?

This is not the first such joint work of the brewery. In fact, they had a whole series from Turner’s, stouts with different flavors of milk that were hugely successful. And this one is no different. By this time the beer had already been sold out in four packs, but fear not, draft bottling is still available at the brewery.

Beer in itself is a great example of how Grist House can take these concepts and make them really strong, quality kvass. The beer pours a bright red color, but without the thickness of many similar modern stouts. And it’s not a knock – beer is drunk less as a cocktail but more as a refreshing early summer.

You really feel the effect of the strawberry pie in every sip. It’s cute, but not annoying, instantly recognizable, but not just a gimmick. You get not just strawberries, but also vanilla and maybe even a crust for the cake that accompanies the dominant flavor. It is necessary to balance the beer so that it is overwhelming, not dulling it, but giving it depth for a bomb of one taste.

With the success of these beers expect more similar collaborations. But don’t look at it as a craft beer that goes too far, just a brewery and a restaurant having fun and serving at the same time.

Craft Brewery Grist House. Sherman, 10, Millvale. gristhouse.com

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