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BRISTAL – Human habitat in Buck County marked an important milestone on Friday when its 125th home in the county emerged.

Standing at a construction site on Beaver Dam Road in Bristol, Habitat Bucks leaders have joined their sponsors to realize another dream of home ownership.

“Over the last couple of years, we have either rehabilitated or rebuilt existing homes. It’s been a few years since we started the house from scratch. We are excited to get shovels into the ground again, ”said Florence Kavochka, CEO of Bucks Habitat.

Leaders living with future homeowner Jenny and her two sons.

“It’s also an extremely special day for Bucks County. This house will be available for future generations, as Habitat is now establishing a model of land trust for all our future homes, ”Kavochka said.

“With rising house prices, home ownership is becoming an impossible dream,” she continued. “And it leaves home buyers for the first time out of the market, especially with fewer options for middle- and low-income families.

“Habitat Bucks County is looking to change that with a new home ownership model. This is equity capital with constant land trust. This new model provides constant affordability, preserving the homeowner’s initial investment, providing future generations with constant access to affordable homes, ”Kavochka said.

Under the new model, the homeowner buys the house rather than the land, making the purchase more affordable. The land is leased to homeowners in Habitat for long term rent. If the homeowner decides to sell, he agrees to sell the house to another qualified home buyer, according to Kawoczka. The resale is based on the average average income while maintaining affordability for future generations.

“We are working hand in hand with the county to develop this model of land trust. And we are proud to announce that this house on Beaver Dam Road is the first house in our model of land trust, ”Kavochka said.

Since 2001, the county has allocated more than $ 4.2 million for homes and other funds, allowing Habitat to keep its homes accessible to families.

The foundation of a new home on Beaver Dam Road.
The foundation of a new home on Beaver Dam Road.

“According to this new model, all donors should know that now your investment makes housing constantly available,” said Kavochka.

On behalf of the county commissioners, Chief Clerk of Bucks County Gail Humphrey recognized and thanked Habitat for developing and implementing the program.

“We all know the benefits of home ownership and the security it provides,” she said. “Today, in partnership with Habitat, we are realizing home ownership for many people who were previously out of reach,” Gail Humphrey said. “Thank you Habitat and thank you to our future homeowners. May they enjoy many years of happiness in their new home. ”

Habitat’s 125th home will be Jenny and her two boys, who now live in a one-bedroom apartment in Bensalem.

State spokeswoman Tina Davis, who was a realtor before becoming a lawmaker, said the program would allow people like Jenny and her two sons to “feel invested in themselves and their community.”

Jenny works as a home builder and has lived all her life in Lower Bucks County. She is already spending hours to meet her 200-hour claim requirements by volunteering at the ReStore. She will spend more hours on the home site, working with volunteers from Parx Casino and Wells Fargo.

“It’s weird. And it’s surreal that it’s happening, “said Jenny, who applied in November and learned she was selected in March. “I had to believe they would choose us.”

The boys, who will get their own rooms, are thrilled, Jenny said. “We walked around the place and they were standing where their rooms would be.”

“It’s always one of my favorite days. For Jenny and her family, this is not the end. This is the beginning, ”said Habitat CEO Greg Pruden. “My favorite day is when we transfer the keys and they get a new home. This is a new beginning for Jenny and her sons. “

Proudhon also thanked Kavochka and her team “for coming up with an innovative way to create what I call win-win for homeowners, but also for the community, because in this model homeowners still receive appreciation for their home, stay in their home and if they decide to leave their home, they can sell it to us and keep some of that gratitude. We can then turn this house into another affordable home.

“This is important because today, as everyone knows, houses cost 10, 20 and 30 percent more than the asking price,” Pruden said. “This model will help us in the future to have more land, create more affordable homes and give our homeowners a share in their homes, allowing them to build this nesting egg for the future.

“We couldn’t do what we do without the support of big companies in the area,” Pruden said. “Today we have two striking examples from Parx Casino and Wells Fargo who have been excellent partners of Habitat for Humanity, not only in financial support but also in the fact that they give their staff time to come to construction, serve on our board and help in many ways. I want to thank them as an example of what good corporate governance is and what makes a difference in their community. ”

Ron Davis of Parx Casino invited members of the Parx team to join him at the opening. “These huge team members are just part of our response in our community to achieve. We do four things very well. We dream, believe, govern and serve, ”he said. “When we do these four things, it fulfills our mission.

Parx Casino team.
Parx Casino team.

“For Jenny and your big family, it’s a dream come true. Thank you for your hard work. Thank you for everything you did, he said.

“Florence, for you, your board and everyone else is a great team in which you are together and we are proud to be a part of it,” he said.

Deb Sorenson, head of the Newtown branch office at Wells Fargo, thanked Habitat for making the day possible.

“Wells Fargo and Habitat have been working together for more than three decades, sharing a vision of a world where everyone can have a decent home. Last year, Wells Fargo helped families build and improve nearly 400 homes nationwide. And I can tell you from personal experience that our staff love to participate in Habitat Build Days. We wore helmets. We took the hammers. And we have worked together with homeowners as they embody their dream of a safe, decent and affordable home as one that will be on this very site.

Wells Fargo Newtown branch manager Deb Sorenson joins Jenny and her sons in building a new home.
Wells Fargo Newtown branch manager Deb Sorenson joins Jenny and her sons in building a new home.

“Jenny, it’s a great honor to play my part in achieving home ownership,” Sorenson added. “On behalf of nearly 6,000 Wells Fargo employees across the Philadelphia region, congratulations and welcome to your future home.”

Habitat Family Program Director Stephanie Clark, who interacts with families, teaches them and guides them through the process, said Habitat was based on the biblical principles of love, sacrifice and service to one another.

“For this reason, we are coming together today to lift each other up and celebrate all that awaits us,” Clark said.

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