Hanover Twp. swears 2 new officers, including the first woman

HANOVER TWP. – In front of family, friends and at least one dog, the Hanover Police Department saw two new officers who took the oath – in the process of opening the story.

Officers Kotisch Smith and Randall Yost were formally sworn in by Magistrate Joseph Haley on Wednesday night at the city hall building during a meeting of city commissioners; with her hiring Smith officially became the first female police officer in the history of the city police.

“I’m very excited, I’m ready to travel,” Smith said before the oath. “It will be a roller coaster, but I’m ready to jump.”

Smith, who hails from New Jersey but moved to Hanover with her parents about eight years ago, worked as a health care assistant at home and at Lord & Taylor’s warehouse before beginning the process of becoming a police officer.

“I’ve always wanted to be a cop,” she said. “Finally I followed my dream.”

Smith and Yost officially kicked off in Hanover town on April 18, so they had about a month to acclimatize to the forces before the ceremony on Wednesday night.

Yost, a native of the township, worked as an officer in Ashley before returning home to Hanover.

“I’ve wanted to work here my whole life,” Yost said.

The two new officers were not the only additions to the Hanover township force recognized Wednesday night; they were joined by Blue, a new division of the K-9 Department that was not officially sworn in by Judge Hailey, but posed for photos and welcomed everyone along the way.

Hanover Township Police Chief Dave Lewis, who took over the role in February after the retirement of longtime chief Al Walker, was delighted with the new additions to his army.

“I can’t be more proud,” Lewis said after the meeting. “They are [Smith and Yost] both are exceptional workers ”.

Lewis also noted that a third officer would also join the force as an internship in September, and the chief said he was lucky to be able to add these new officers to strengthen the department.

Smith noted that she eventually wanted to become a detective and also expressed a desire to work with her children in roles in the department.

After a similar incident in Plymouth in March, when Alexandra Baloga became the first female officer in the municipality for a full-time job, Smith was happy to overcome a similar barrier in the town of Hanover.

“It makes me feel good, I’m for it,” Smith said when asked to see more women in police positions in the area. “I like to see that women are beautiful.”

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